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Regardless of what’s going on in the economy or at work, God calls us to use our finances wisely and to work as though we're working directly for him.

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Vacations for the Frugal Family

Great tips for great trips when your vacation budget is busted.


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Learning to Love My Not-So-Fancy Job

Learning to Love My Not-So-Fancy Job

Sometimes menial work is the most important
3 Keys for Finding Your Calling

3 Keys for Finding Your Calling Subscriber access only

Practical ways to discover God's will
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Considering Working at Home? Subscriber access only

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Amy Sherman on Redeeming Work Subscriber access only

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Career, Calling, and "Pootling Sideways"

Career, Calling, and "Pootling Sideways"

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10 Non-Obnoxious Ways to Share Your Faith at Work

10 Non-Obnoxious Ways to Share Your Faith at Work

Use these ideas to help you integrate faith and work.
Why This?
How can you witness in a professional setting? Explore these ideas for evangelism in the workplace.

When Money's Tight

Faith when facing off with unemployment and financial stress.
Why This?
God is still faithful, even when you face unemployment and financial stress.
Ministry at Work

Ministry at Work

Any job can be an outreach—it's all about your attitude.
Why This?
What would it take to start a Christian group at your workplace? These principles and stories will help you get started.

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The apostle Paul calls our bodies the temples of God. So when we are conscious about taking good care of that which has been entrusted to us, we worship God with the gift of offering a healthy body and spirit.


While we are in the world, but not of it, we are still called to model and influence those around us. Understanding our culture is an important part of mentoring and making a difference in the world.
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