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As much as we'd like to protect our children from what's happening in the world, we can only shield them from a limited view. But we can help guide their choices and help them understand how to stand strong when others go in a different direction.

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When Your Child Has an Eating Disorder

An eating disorder hurts more than an individual. Hear from families that were impacted by these terrible disorders.


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Christian Kids in Public School

Christian Kids in Public School Subscriber access only

It's a choice driven by my faith
Why I Homeschool

Why I Homeschool Subscriber access only

The gift of teaching my own children
The Education Debate

The Education Debate Subscriber access only

What to consider when deciding on your child's schooling
How You Can Help Adopting Families

How You Can Help Adopting Families Subscriber access only

Adoption expert Sharen Ford talks about the ministry of adoptive families and how the church can support them.
Why I Don't Have Kids . . . Yet

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3 reasons I've held off so far

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Our editors have compiled the best on Kids + Culture topics from the archives. Here you'll find fresh, relevant, and honest articles that makes Today's Christian Woman a mentor to thousands of women.

Into the World Subscriber access only

Are your children prepared to impact their culture for Christ?
Why This?
Rather than hiding from the world, you can prepare your kids to wisely engage the culture with a heart for evangelism and service.

Raising Culture-Conscious Kids Subscriber access only

How to shore your teenager up for life in our world.
Why This?
Your wise discernment and prayers of protection can help guide your teenager as she engages with culture.

That's Entertainment?! Subscriber access only

3 ways to teach your children to make wise media choices
Why This?
Your kids need to develop good decision-making skills about the movies, TV shows, and music they take in. Here are 4 ways you can equip them to be wise discerners.

The School Choice Subscriber access only

Public school, private school or homeschool? How to find the right fit for your child
Why This?
What's the best path of education for your family? This article provides insights into the pros and cons of public education, private Christian education, and homeschooling.
From Victims to Victors

From Victims to Victors

A school counselor's thoughts on the bullying "epidemic"
Why This?
Bullying can devastate a young person's self-image. This article will help you empower your kids to face bullying in a wise and Christ-honoring manner.

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Questions Parents Ask

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Cultivating Kids' Faith

Out of the mouths of babes . . . We moms long to see our children follow Jesus and become influencers for God. What a great force for the kingdom!
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Family Dynamics

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Every child loves the excitement and thrill of Christmas and Easter. You can help make the most of those special, memory-making days.
Activities + Fun

Activities + Fun

Help and ideas for those times when your kids say, "I'm bored" or when it's time to remove them from the video games for some enjoyable family time.
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