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Debbie Jansen

Debbie Jansen   RSSEmail

Debbie Jansen is a family specialist, speaker, author of Discipline Exposed, and founder of The Family Training Center. She is also the Mommy Detective and can be found at TheMommyDetective.com. Debbie and her husband, Ron, have been married 36 years. www.debbiejansen.com

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Debbie Jansen

Slow Down for Advent Subscriber access only

Six tips to incorporate the meaning of Advent into your family’s life
Debbie Jansen

What I'm Learning About: Motherhood

Learning to thank God for the gift of motherhood even on the crazy parenting days
Debbie Jansen

Growing Together Spiritually

Q&A with Debbie Jansen
Debbie Jansen

God Cares about the Ooey-Gooey Days

Sometimes mothering is very, very messy
Debbie Jansen

Feeling Like the Runner-Up? Subscriber access only

Despite how we feel on those crazy parenting days, God doesn't ask us to be anyone but ourselves

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