Following Strange Commands

In the Bible, God sometimes told his people to do unusual things without knowing the outcome. Match these commands with the person to whom God spoke them.

1. This prophet was told to act out his prophecies by lying on his left side for 390 days, then his right side for 40 days.

A. Jeremiah
B. Elisha
C. Ezekiel
D. Elijah

2. God asked this follower of Christ to seek out his enemy, the chief persecutor of Christians, and pray with him.

A. Stephen
B. Ananias
C. Luke
D. Philip

3. This man walked stripped and barefoot through the streets of Jerusalem for three years at God's command.

A. Isaiah
B. Job
C. John the Baptist
D. Simon

4. This commander was given specific instructions that would destroy an enemy city's walls without touching them.

A. Gideon
B. Joshua
C. David
D. Samson

5. This devout Jew, who had kept Old Testament dietary laws all his life, was told to eat a banquet of forbidden foods.

A. Saul
B. Barnabas
C. Timothy
D. Peter

6. God told this man to pray for his friends after they falsely accused him of sin.

A. Joseph
B. Moses
C. Job
D. Amos

7. After directing him to journey down a specific road, God commanded this Jewish believer to approach a foreign dignitary's chariot.

A. John
B. Philip
C. Mark
D. Matthew

1. C. Ezekiel (Ezek. 4). Exiled to Babylon, this prophet's symbolic acts dramatized his divided nation's sin and the reasons for their punishment. The 390 days represented the 390 years Israel had worshiped the golden calves; the 40 days, the years the nation of Judah's sin and idolatry.

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