Is God Enough?

Four truths for when you're feeling all alone.

Mornings seemed so empty now. I used to love hustling through my usual routine to get my husband, Steve, off to work and the kids ready for school. I aimed at my cherished reward—talking to my best friend Jean on the phone over a second or third cup of coffee. Her wit and godly advice gave my life focus and helped me work through the problems I faced. That is, until she moved two thousand miles away.

Withdrawal was hard. I dragged through my daily tasks, mentally carrying on one-sided conversations with Jean. No one else understood me as she did. Steve and I had a happy marriage, but somehow he didn't fit the bill for a girlfriend. I was on my own, or so I thought.

Early one morning I awoke, sensing God speaking to me. What about me, Virelle? How about letting me be your best friend? What a novel idea! God wasn't quite the same as a warm voice on the other end of a phone, but he certainly was never hard to reach. I wondered, though, if I could ask God the same things I asked Jean—silly stuff, perhaps, but important to me, such as how to handle a difficult neighbor, juggle a too-tight budget, teach our kids not to tattle, even figure out what to make for dinner. Could God really meet my needs like a best friend?

What I discovered changed my life—and the lives of others. I've met others who sought intimacy with God after being hemmed in by a difficult marriage, physical or emotional pain, an unexpected move, or other trying circumstances. He never failed them either. If you ever feel isolated, as though no one truly understands how you feel, here are four truths about God's friendship you can nestle with:

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