The Power of Mentoring

I was a tomboy growing up, so most of my friends were guys. It wasn't until I became a speaker for the Women of Faith conferences—along with Barbara Johnson, Patsy Clairmont, Thelma Wells, Marilyn Meberg, and Luci Swindoll—that I finally gained the kind of deep female friendships for which I'd secretly longed.

After years of traveling and sharing a stage together, we've all become close friends. And I've learned valuable lessons from these dynamic women of God.

Luci taught me to celebrate life's little moments. For example, when we arrived early at one of the Women of Faith conferences to familiarize ourselves with our new stage set-up, nothing was ready. Everyone—except Luci—stared at one another, not sure what to do. But Luci said, "Let's have a party! Let's make coffee, talk, and sing songs." What could have been a lost day turned out to be awesome—thanks to Luci.

Barbara's an amazing conduit of God's love. She's a great listener. When people are hurting, she just listens and weeps with them—a stark contrast to how I've handled hurting people in the past. Now, thanks to Barbara's example, I've learned to shut up and listen when others are in pain.

Thelma's a prime example of the "what you take in is what you give out" theory. I used to wonder how Thelma always has the right Scripture verse to share at the right moment. Then I realized she's never without her Bible. She's always taking in biblical truths, so she always has them to give.

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