Kiss Guilt Goodbye

Mary Whelchel, an expert on working moms, helps you be the parent God wants you to be

How can a mom know if God wants her in the workforce?

She needs to start on her knees. A lot of women tell God, "This is what I'm going to do. I want you to bless my agenda." That never works. You must go humbly to God and say, "Lord, I want your will, whatever that is. I'm giving you a blank sheet of paper and you can write my orders on it."
Working moms need to make sure their marching orders come from the Lord. Once you know you're where God wants you, you really can get rid of guilt. Take hold of those orders and start marching. Be proud of them.
But, if you have any uncertainty at all about working outside the home, if you've never gone to God in the first place, then back up and seek his will.

Some would say those guilty feelings are a sign that a mom should be at home rather than working.

Maybe, but just because you feel guilty doesn't mean you are guilty. Working mothers assume that every problem their children have is the result of their working. It's just not true. If you stayed home and devoted every minute to your children, they'd still have problems. You need to look closely at your emotions and determine if you're feeling true guilt or false guilt. If it's false guilt, get rid of it.

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