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Editor's Choice Bibles

Your guide to the best Bibles for kids and teens
Product Best for What's great about it Editor's comments
The Step-By-Step Bible
by V. Gilbert Beers,
illustrated by Dan Foote
(Chariot Victor) $19.99
Ages 5-10 A chronological account of God?s Word, this Bible shows kids how it all fits together. "A terrific way to help kids see the big picture."
NIV Teen Devotional Bible
(Zondervan) $24.99
Ages 12-15 Devotions written by teenagers, for teenagers, along with insights from leaders like Jim Burns, Susie Shellenburger and Tony Campolo. "Great graphics, fresh tone. Jammed with super advice and information, this meets teens right where they are."
The Graphic Bible
by Mike Maddox,
illustrated by Jeff Anderson
(Broadman & Holman) $29.99
Ages 10 & up Vividly illustrated (in a dramatic comic-book style) retelling of Old Testament stories and the life of Jesus. "More brawn and bad guys than Batman and the Power Rangers put together! My son will love it!"
Jesus Loves Me Bible
by Angela and Ken Abraham,
illustrated by Terry Anderson and Kathleen Dunne (Tommy Nelson) $14.99
Ages 3-8 Your kids? favorite Bible stories, told in a fun, cheerful way. "Great for beginning readers!"
Boys Life Adventure Bible
by David Horton,
illustrated by Dennis Edwards
(Baker) $16.99
Ages 6-9 Action-packed Bible for boys, focused on the men of the Bible and their adventures. "Boys will love the comic-book style illustrations. Nice for dads to share with their sons."
Extreme Teen Bible
(Nelson) Cloth $24.99,
Paper $19.95
Ages 13-19 Loaded with information, this New King James Version is aimed at answering a teen?s toughest questions. "This one has something exciting on every page."
The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Toddlers
by L.J. Sattgast,
illustrated by Toni Geoffe
(Gold?n?Honey) $12.99
Ages 1-4 Easy-to-remember rhymes to help teach your toddler stories of the Bible. "A super way to introduce even the very young to God?s Word. Kids thrive on repetition; they?ll love this."
The Praise Bible
by Mack Thomas,
illustrated by Dennas Davis
(WaterBrook) $15.95
Ages 3-8 52 Bible stories that focus on praising God and being thankful. "A positive and uplifting way to teach your kids to be thankful."
The Book for Teens
(Tyndale) $21.99
Ages 13-19 New Living Translation includes discussion aimed at teens and their needs. "Much like The Book (for adults), this Bible addresses specific issues your adolescent will face."
Little Boys Bible Storybook
for Mothers and Sons

Little Girls Bible Storybook
for Mothers and Daughters

by Carolyn Larson,
illustrated by Caron Turk
(Baker) $16.99
Ages 3-8 Easy-to-read stories and activities designed to draw moms and kids together. "I could do this!"
Word and Song Bible
by Stephen Elkins,
illustrations by Tim O?Connor (Broadman & Holman) $19.99
Ages 3-10 First-ever Bible with accompanying soundtrack! "Steve Green as Jesus and Twila Paris as Eve ? what more can I say?"

We reviewed all kinds of children?s devotionals to find our favorites. Here are our Editors? Picks


God?s Best Promises for Kids
by Mack Thomas, illustrated by Dennas Davis
(WaterBrook) $14.95

This is a companion book to Thomas?s Praise Bible (see chart). It includes stories that highlight God?s most exciting promises: to save us, to protect us, to forgive us. Like the Praise Bible, each story is followed by a prayer of praise. Cute illustrations and realistic stories.

book series
The New Kids Book series
? Bible Passages
? Angel Visits
? Bible Animals
? Bible People

by Anne Adams
(Baker) $6.99

These cute little books are designed to draw children into the Bible in short, two-paragraph descriptions. If you have an animal lover in your family, check out Bible Animals. Each page focuses on a particular animal, points out physical characteristics of the animal and places where it is mentioned in the Bible. These books are compact enough to carry in your purse or coat pocket and pull out for quick reading while waiting in the doctor?s office or before a church service. They?re an ideal way to spark a kid?s interest in the things of God.

Fun Devotions for Boys: Gotta Have God
Devotions for Girls: God and Me!

by Lynn Marie-Ittner Klammer, illustrated by Aline Heiser
(Legacy Press)$11.99

If you want to start having daily devotions with your young children, these books can help. The short, interactive lessons focus on character development and moral issues?selfishness, fear, patience. Each features a Scripture passage, a kid-friendly application of the passage, space for answering a few questions, a prayer and an activity?everything from easy craft projects to recipes you and your child can whip up on a cold afternoon.

book series
My Bible Story Library
by Jane Brierley
(Tommy Nelson) $14.99

Your preschooler will love to carry around this little treasure box filled with favorite Bible stories. Five colorful, padded board books retell ten stories from Creation to the life of Jesus. Although the stories and illustrations aren?t particularly new or fresh, the treasure box with braided cord handle will delight any child, as will the computerized rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" that plays every time the lid is opened!

Early Elementary

book series
Heaven and Mirth series
? Moses: Take Two Tablets and Call Me in the Morning
? Adam and the Apple Turnover
? The Prodigal Son: Oh, Brother!

by Mike Thaler, illustrated by Dennis Adler
(Chariot Victor) $12.99

Mike Thaler has a real knack for making kids laugh. And now he?s using that talent to add a new twist to some of your favorite Bible stories. Thaler takes an age-old Bible story and adds a touch of humor. The result? Bible stories as you?ve never heard them before! For instance, did you know that the Israelites coined the term "sandals?" After all that walking in the desert, their shoes were always filled with sand! These wacky tales are a fantastic way to make Bible reading fun for the whole family. Each story includes a nugget of wisdom, as well as a Scripture reference for looking up the "real" story with your kids.

Jesus Loves Me Devotional
by Angela Abraham and Ken Abraham, illustrated by Terry Anderson and Kathleen Dunne
(Tommy Nelson) $10.99

This colorful book, a companion to the Bible on page 60, will delight your kids as it leads them through fun times of learning about God?s love. You can read through the book a little each day or flip through it to find lessons that deal with things happening in your child?s life?an argument with a sibling, a trip to the dentist, even a rainy day. Each devotional includes a song, a prayer, a Bible story and a fun project to bring the lesson home.

Steps to Jesus: A Child?s Path to Faith in Christ
by L.J. Sattgast, illustrated by Anthony Lewis
(WaterBrook) $9.95

For most parents, the idea of leading their child to Christ can be a little intimidating. But this book makes it easy to explain the Good News in language a child can really understand. With bright illustrations and explanations your child will relate to, this book guides children through the essentials of putting their trust in God.

Big Truths for Little Kids
by Susan and Richie Hunt
(Crossway Books) $12.99

This book, written by a mother and her son, offers a new take on family Bible study. Following the format of the First Catechism, each devotional begins with a series of questions and answers that teach the foundations of biblical truths. To help make the principles real, each devotion includes a story about two fictional characters, Cassie and Caleb, who show that how we live is based on what we believe. For parents looking for a way to really teach the basics of faith at home, this book is a great place to start.

What Would Jesus Do Today?
by Helen Haidle, illustrated by Kip Richmond
(Gold ?n? Honey) $16.99

This is a terrific devotional for kids and their parents. Filled with fun activities, this book teaches kids to live a life that would be pleasing to Jesus. Kids will like it because it?s fun. Parents will like it because it?s quick and easy. Bible memorization, object lessons and simple stories will draw parents and children closer as you all grow in your faith.

Lifesavers: 20 Quick and Easy-to-Use Bible Lessons for Kids
by Susan Reith Swan
(Judson Press) $15.00

You can find a million uses for this valuable book: Sunday school, children?s church, homeschool classes, family devotions. This is a great tool for those times when you?re in a pinch and looking for a teaching tool. The author has done all the work for you, compiling easy-to-understand Bible lessons that require little or no preparation. Each lesson includes songs, Bible reading, discussion questions, crafts and prayers. Additional activitity pages contain skits, puzzles and games, all with the same goal: to make God and his Word real to your kids.

Late Elementary/Middle School

Jesus in the Spotlight
by Kay Arthur with Cyndy Shearer, illustrated by Steve Bjorkman
(Harvest House) $8.99

With this study guide, writer and speaker Kay Arthur offers a kid?s version of her popular inductive Bible study method. This book, the first of a new series, focuses on the first ten chapters of John. By comparing the Gospel of John to a movie about Jesus? life, Arthur helps children understand the Bible in a new way. On top of that, her inductive study method encourages kids to really dig into Scripture by looking for key words and concepts. If your child is ready to start reading the Bible on her own, this book will be a great resource.

Old Testament Days: An Activity Guide

by Nancy I. Sanders
(Chicago Review Press) $14.95

Getting kids excited about history?especially Bible history?is no easy task. But this book just might do the trick. Filled with projects, stories and ideas, Old Testament Days will take your family back 4,000 years and teach you what it feels like to make bricks with dirt and straw or eat bread made without yeast. Whether you use this book at home with your own children or with a larger group at Sunday school, it?s sure to provide hands-on learning and fun.

Get Real, Get Ready, Get Going
by Michael Ross
(Revell) $8.99

The teen years are tough, there?s no question about it. But this book reminds teens that life is about living, not complaining. "Don?t hold back," Michael Ross says. "Tell God about all the junk you want him to clean out of your life. Tell him you want to stop being a phony, lukewarm Christian." Filled with hard-hitting questions, daily devotionals and per sonal stories from other students, this book helps teens really understand what it means to live for Christ. Written by the editor of Breakaway magazine, this devotional guide would be an excellent discussion starter for parents and kids or even a youth group.


The Book Game
(Tyndale) $19.99
Remember how much fun you had playing Chutes and Ladders? Here?s a similar game with a biblical twist! Just like Chutes and Ladders, players move up and down the board, learning valuable lessons along the way. Your whole family will love this down-to-earth, fast-paced game that includes questions easy enough for a 4-year-old and challenging topics for the adults. So turn the TV off, make a big bowl of popcorn and get ready for some fun!

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