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Editor's Choice Bibles

Your guide to the best Bibles for kids and teens
Product Best for What's great about it Editor's comments
The Step-By-Step Bible
by V. Gilbert Beers,
illustrated by Dan Foote
(Chariot Victor) $19.99
Ages 5-10 A chronological account of God’s Word, this Bible shows kids how it all fits together. "A terrific way to help kids see the big picture."
NIV Teen Devotional Bible
(Zondervan) $24.99
Ages 12-15 Devotions written by teenagers, for teenagers, along with insights from leaders like Jim Burns, Susie Shellenburger and Tony Campolo. "Great graphics, fresh tone. Jammed with super advice and information, this meets teens right where they are."
The Graphic Bible
by Mike Maddox,
illustrated by Jeff Anderson
(Broadman & Holman) $29.99
Ages 10 & up Vividly illustrated (in a dramatic comic-book style) retelling of Old Testament stories and the life of Jesus. "More brawn and bad guys than Batman and the Power Rangers put together! My son will love it!"
Jesus Loves Me Bible
by Angela and Ken Abraham,
illustrated by Terry Anderson and Kathleen Dunne (Tommy Nelson) $14.99
Ages 3-8 Your kids? favorite Bible stories, told in a fun, cheerful way. "Great for beginning readers!"
Boys Life Adventure Bible
by David Horton,
illustrated by Dennis Edwards
(Baker) $16.99
Ages 6-9 Action-packed Bible for boys, focused on the men of the Bible and their adventures. "Boys will love the comic-book style illustrations. Nice for dads to share with their sons."
Extreme Teen Bible
(Nelson) Cloth $24.99,
Paper $19.95
Ages 13-19 Loaded with information, this New King James Version is aimed at answering a teen?s toughest questions. "This one has something exciting on every page."
The Rhyme Bible Storybook
for Toddlers

by L.J. Sattgast,
illustrated by Toni Geoffe
(Gold?n?Honey) $12.99
Ages 1-4 Easy-to-remember rhymes to help teach your toddler stories of the Bible. "A super way to introduce even the very young to God?s Word. Kids thrive on repetition; they?ll love this."
The Praise Bible
by Mack Thomas,
illustrated by Dennas Davis
(WaterBrook) $15.95
Ages 3-8 52 Bible stories that focus on praising God and being thankful. "A positive and uplifting way to teach your kids to be thankful."
The Book for Teens
(Tyndale) $21.99
Ages 13-19 New Living Translation includes discussion aimed at teens and their needs. "Much like The Book (for adults), this Bible addresses specific issues your adolescent will face."
Little Boys Bible Storybook
for Mothers and Sons

Little Girls Bible Storybook
for Mothers and Daughters

by Carolyn Larson,
illustrated by Caron Turk
(Baker) $16.99
Ages 3-8 Easy-to-read stories and activities designed to draw moms and kids together. "I could do this!"
Word and Song Bible
by Stephen Elkins,
illustrations by Tim O?Connor (Broadman & Holman) $19.99
Ages 3-10 First-ever Bible with accompanying soundtrack! "Steve Green as Jesus and Twila Paris as Eve ? what more can I say?"
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