Beware Christian Junk Food

Why the average believer is starving for something more.

I love junk food—McDonald's french fries, Auntie Anne's pretzels, and almost any kind of pizza! If I'm not careful, though, I will gain unwanted pounds while getting zero nutrition.

Many Christians seem to eat spiritually the way I am tempted to eat physically. They fill up on "junk food"—Christian books, CDs, TV programs, seminars, and all sorts of church activities—none of these are bad, really, but they lead to a sickly spiritual state if consumed apart from the true Bread of Life. We need the real nutritional "food" that will be served one day at the Wedding Supper referred to in Revelation 19:9, food that we can partake of right now as we dig into God's Living Word.

For the past 17 years, as I have crisscrossed America, speaking at various conferences and churches, I have become convinced of one thing: the average church member is desperately hungry for God's Word. While we read books about it and hear sermons based on it, we are sadly devoid of it in our daily lives. When life begins to unravel, we don't know how to access its power and truth in a relevant way. As a result, thousands of us have spirits that are shriveling.

Several years ago a good friend of mine visited what had been a poverty-stricken country in Africa. As she flew in, she looked down on miles of African veldt covered by what looked like long, green waves of grass. She asked her hosts about the lush vegetation. With obvious joy, they explained that the crop she had seen was a newly discovered plant called "naroo" that adapted easily to the climate and soil. Within a few short years, they expected naroo to be the main staple of their diets.

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