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Prayer Pointers

6 ways to squeeze prayer into your busy schedule!

We women are busy! There's work, kids, church commitments, cooking and cleaning, and a myriad other demands on our time each day. So how do you make time to connect with your Creator, the only One who can really help you with all those things on your to-do list? Why not borrow some ideas from six busy TCW readers.

Walk with Fido and Your Father

I pray while I walk my dog, Diamonds, every morning. I pray for protection for my kids, Brandon and Amanda, as they head off to school, and for my husband, John, as he puts in another day of work to provide for our family. And I thank God for the breathtaking sunrise and an occasional bunny or deer that delight me with God's magnificent creation—reminding me of Who's in charge of my life.

—Suzanne L. Barath, Ohio

Dial Up and Dial In

I used to get frustrated waiting for my computer to fire up and then to connect to the Internet. It seemed to take forever. But now I find this a perfect time to connect with God through prayer—and wouldn't you know it, the time seems too short now!

—Lisa Hendry, Colorado

Reclaim Random Moments

In addition to regular prayer time at home, I also find moments out and about throughout my day to speak to God—walking in my neighborhood, riding my exercise bicycle, driving in my car, sitting in my office before one of the classes I teach, even while cleaning my shower.

—Ruth Aipperspach, Texas

Book an Appointment

I schedule time for prayer in my daily list of things to do. Frequent prayer times of as little as one to five minutes throughout my day can be quite uplifting. The more time I spend praying, the more I desire to pray.

—Pansy Crumpler, North Carolina

Nap Time = Prayer Time

I pray during my son's nap time. I've found it's the most practical time for me in this stage of my life. I've tried early in the morning, but discovered I'm not a morning person. At night, I want to spend time with my husband. Nap time works best.

—Julie Potter, Missouri

Connect During Your Commute

When I'm on the way to work, I turn off the radio and pray about the things preying on my mind. This helps me give all my cares to God before I get caught up in the worries of the day. Also, when I'm in the school drop-off line, I pray with my ten-year-old son about what's happening at school that day. We end the prayer with me placing my hand on his head and blessing him. My son may be too big to kiss good-bye in front of his friends, but he loves receiving this blessing every morning.

—Ellen Symonds, Alabama

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