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Tongue Twisters

What the Scriptures say about our use and abuse of the spoken word.

In the Bible, as today, tongue has a literal meaning (part of the mouth) but could also mean "language" or "the power of speech." That last meaning is especially important in Scripture, which has a lot to say about humanity's use (and abuse) of the spoken word. Bridle your own tongue for a few minutes and put your eyes and brain to work on these questions dealing with the tongue, in all its meanings.

  1. What great leader of Israel lamented that he was "slow of tongue"?
  2. What New Testament man was made temporarily tongue-tied because he doubted the words of an angel?
  3. Where were the apostles when "tongues of fire" descended upon them?
  4. Who healed a mute man by touching his tongue?
  5. At what notorious place mentioned in Genesis did the "confusion of tongues" occur?
  6. What New Testament letter talks about the importance of "bridling" the tongue?
  7. Which parable of Jesus speaks of a man in hell, begging for someone to cool his tongue with a drop of water?
  8. What Old Testament book says that the tongue of a just man is like "choice silver"?
  9. According to Psalm 140, what animal's tongue does an evil person's tongue resemble?
  10. Complete this verse from Proverbs: "Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings _______."

Bonus Puzzler

What New Testament epistle uses "tongue" or "tongues" more than 20 times?

Click here for answers.

J. Stephen Lang is the author of 15 books about the Bible, including the recently published What the Good Book Didn't Say (Citadel Press) and Talking Donkeys & Wheels of Fire: Bible Stories That Are Truly Bizarre! (Warner).

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