Caring Enough to Confront

5 tools to help you speak truth with love

When Trisha moved into Michelle's neighborhood, they became fast friends.

Their personalities clicked and they had a lot in common, including church involvement and same-aged children. Before long, Trisha and Michelle established a deep, heartfelt friendship.

Then Michelle's husband began spending significant amounts of time out of town for work. During this time, Trisha noticed Michelle had struck up an unusually friendly relationship with the contractor renovating her house. Almost every time Trisha looked out her front window, she saw the contractor's car in Michelle's driveway, sometimes late into the night.

Trisha was heartsick. She knew Michelle was committed to her family and to God's commands. So Trisha prayed—and then loved Michelle enough to confront her with her concerns.

When Trisha asked Michelle about her late-night visitor, she poured out her pain, hurt, and loneliness, confiding that the "new man" in her life was simply a good friend. But that explanation didn't satisfy Trisha. Lovingly but boldly she told Michelle she was playing with fire. She encouraged Michelle to slam the door on temptation and cling to the comfort only God can give to a lonely, hurting heart. Trisha valued their friendship so much she was willing to risk their relationship in order to do what was best for her friend.

Praise is the sugar that helps the medicine of correction go down.

Not Easy, But Needed

When it comes to our friendships, we'd rather be cheerleaders than corrections officers. That's because confrontation is awkward and uncomfortable. Besides, if we confront a friend, it could damage our relationship.

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