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September 2008

Bo Duke on Marital Hazards
Real Sex
My Wife's Just Faking It
The Joy of Nagging?
Why guys should be thankful for their wives' gentle prodding
Me vs. You
Ten ways to break a stalemate on a big decision
He Said, She Said
I'm not really a workaholic.
Q & A
Fearing Unfaithfulness, a 'Co-ed' Wife and Stepfamily Tensions
Newlywed Ambush
Uncover two secret saboteurs of your happiness
Dearly Distracted
If your spouse seems impulsive, unfocused and forgetful, Rick and Jeri Fowler may have a perfectly good explanation
Keeping Secrets
Just where should couples draw the line between total self-disclosure and a bit of personal privacy?
Dare to Decorate
Two style-challenged homeowners go boldly where they've never gone before
The Marriage Tightrope
How balanced are you? Here's a quick way to find out
The Secret of His Success
Recording superstar Kirk Franklin finds his greatest fulfillment at home with his wife, Tammy, and their kids
Snap Shot
Sheila Walsh & Barry Pfaehler
Marriage Insurance
Today's good habits can take care of tomorrow's tough times
Q & A
Opposite-Sex Friends, a Hopeless Unromantic and a Controlling Husband
He Said, She Said
I needed more conversation."
Faith for Two
We couldn't get our devotions in sync, but we still shared our spiritual life.
His & Hers
Get out your daily planner.
Wedding Wackiness
MP readers share their nuptial mishaps
Between Heaven & Earth
An air-rescue nurse and a farmer. It's a match made in, well, Nebraska
Your Best Family Vacation Ever
Want a trip that's 99 percent inspiration, 1 percent destination? Read on
The Nagging Habit
How both of you can go cold turkey to kick it
When Joel and Patty Anderson trashed their marital expectations, they found a treasure to hang on to
Finding Humor in Odd Places
'We've been through so much, we know we can get through anything.'
Real Sex
Sexual Scorekeeping
The Price of Advice
Before you act on unsolicited marital pointers, consider the source.
One on One
Tips for great conversation.
Smarter Choices
Stress-busters for business travelers and their families.
He Said, She Said
'My junk inspires me'
Couple Counsel
Job-Hopping Husband, Spiritual Battle and Paranoid about Porn
Get Connected!
Three habits that will get you back in touch with each other
Promises, Promises
Success in marriage depends on more than mere words
Easy-Get-Away. Now
Need a romantic weekend but don't know where to start? Go online before you get moving
33 Ways to Love Your Lover
MP readers share secrets for revving up romance
The Basics of Sex
It's possible for each of you to get what you want. Here's how
The Speed of Life
Ben and Candy Carson's day races along with marriage, three kids, music practice and an unrelenting schedule of neurosurgery. Then they have lunch
Hanging Up the High Tops
My wife cheered the loudest when I announced my retirement from church-league basketball
Start a Contructive Cycle
Counselor John Trent explains the changes that will keep your future from looking like your past
Breaking Free
As children, Deborah and Robert Bell learned the wrong messages about family life. Still, there was hope.
Joy Ride
Mike and Amy Nappa found out what makes marriage fun
A Novel Romance
Bret and Melanie Lott's marriage has had its storybook moments
One Marriage, Two Beds
Sleeping separately doesn't have to mean we're not getting along
Real Sex
She Can't Forget His Past
It's All in Your Head
How you think builds your marriage as much as what you do
He Said… She Said…
He said 'She wouldn't let me be myself.' She said 'He didn't fit in with my family.'
Q & A
Generic Gift-Giver, Irksome Mother-in-Law and a Man Who Prays Alone
Watch Your Mouth
Are you gossiping when you share a marital frustration with a friend? The answer might surprise you
Putting Yourself Last
If you feel the need to spice up your marriage, make sure you don't leave out the key ingredient
Make Thankfulness Happen
As different as husbands and wives are, we need this foundational point of connection
Reality Check
Don't let false assumptions drag your marriage down. Get a fresh start with these six truths
Financial Gain, Less Pain
If extra expenses are weighing you down, try these strategies to lighten the load
Say You're Sorry!
An apology is still a great place to start, but it may not be enough when your spouse is really ticked off.
This Isn't Your Grandmother's Marriage
Bible teachers Jill and Stuart Briscoe take a new look at roles that really work
Looks Don't Matter … Do They?
What your appearance really means to your spouse
A Match Made in Hollywood
Actress Candace Cameron and the NHL's Valeri Bure get an early start on their own full house
One Fight, Two Winners
Running away doesn't solve problems. Here's how to face them together
Q & A
He Said, She Said
'We were ships passing in the afternoon'
57 Years in 5 Simple Steps
When Mom felt like walking out, instead she took a walk. And that's not all she learned
get the best of STRESS
It can ruin your life or make your day. Here are three ways you can come out on top
A Better Date Night
Eight ways to improve on the old standby—dinner and a movie
Count to Five
Here are Gary Chapman's top five tips for processing anger properly
Good and Mad
Counselor and pastor Gary Chapman shows how to use the gift of anger to strengthen your marriage
Have Basement, Will Accumulate
Why do seemingly rational men have this unexplainable urge to keep worthless stuff? I'm pretty sure it's genetic
Sex after Kids?
Don't settle for a life of celibacy. Reinvigorate your love life with these sizzling suggestions
Good, Bad or Just Different?
When your mate's habits drive you nuts, Don't throw a fit. Reach for a compromise
The Loves' Story
Singing sensation CeCe Winans married Alvin Love when she was only 18. How did she handle the dueling demands of marriage and fame?
A Hard Habit to Fake
The secret to fidelity is revealed one day at a time
Boring Foreplay
Mr. Romance Has a Wife
How Michael and Athena Webb turn even the most ordinary occasions into something big
Spiritual Intimacy
If you're out of sync on matters of faith, use this exercise to get back in touch
Home Work
How to succeed when you share your office with your family
He Said, She Said
Our family needed a spiritual leader"
Q & A
Make Love Last
Head-over-heels emotion gives couples a great start. But success down the road calls for something more.
The Art of Staying Married
Sometimes it takes a big blowup to remind us of the things that really matter
It's All in My Name
From the editors
Nightmare on Perfect Street
My totally together friends made my own marriage look downright appealing.
Emergency Call
With my husband in danger every time he left for work, I found new ways to trust God.
A Second Chance at Life
My husband's brain tumor was the last thing we expected.
Super Savers
Do you associate saving with deprivation? Relax—these simple steps to socking away money will reap lifelong benefits
Married, with Prodigals
Wayward children can push you apart. Norm Wright explains how to keep your marriage strong while helping your kids get back on track
Is Your Marriage Normal?
If you're thinking something is missing, check out the six signs of a top-of-the-line relationship.
Turned Off, Tuned In
Try this free, guaranteed two-second marital-improvement exercise
Are Sex Toys Really So Bad?
Career Clash
We moved once, and everything worked out. Why not again?
Q & A
I Feel Like My Husband's Maid
Equality Is Ruining Our Marriage
Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White
What do you really want?
What do you consider to be very desirable for your future?
Pop Quiz
Please answer each question honestly, bearing in mind that while it is impossible to fail this test, your answers may determine where you'll spend the night.
Some Enchanted Evening!
If you and your mate miss those warm and tingly nights of romance, use these suggestions to make new sparks fly
Q & A
Why can't he be there on time?
Just Touch Me
How Much Is Enough?
Negotiating the difference in your sex drives
Is God Calling Us Both?
I wanted to share a ministry.
Are You Ready—for Retirement?
It's never too early (or too late) for couples to plan for their financial future.
When Humor Hurts
How to keep laughing without poisoning your marriage
Say it with Leather
The real truth about anniversary gifts
Why Beauty Matters
Decorating expert Terry Willits tells Marriage Partnership how to create a home where lives are blessed
Snap Shot
Nathan and Christy Nockels
Surviving Racial Storms
What people predicted would be a barrier in our marriage unified us
My In-Laws Hate Me
He Never Wants Sex!
Q & A
Fiscal Fight
Albert and Elida Roy of Springfield, Oregon, have been married eight years.
Blessed by Breakdowns
A forced meditation on joy
The Unsinkable Marriage
Beauty Treatment
The facial that changed my marriage
Home Finances
How to keep your biggest expense from becoming your biggest stressor.
Moving Violations
How packing (and unpacking) reveals the true marital divide
It Could Have Been a Wonderful Life
Romantic comedies may be unrealistic fantasies, but you still feel like hugging your spouse afterward.
Marriage Vitamins
Maybe you think it's your marriage that isn't doing well. Could just be your health.
Prepare Now for the Second Half
The empty nest years are often a crisis time for marriages. Here's a gameplan on making yours the best.
Don't Throw in the Trowel!
You can develop a green thumb— and grow your marriage— this spring
Haunted by Premarital Sex
How we found healing after four years of marriage
Q & A
I'm Not Aggressive Enough
Steamed About Anger
Discipline Dilemmas
Marvin and Cynthia Roemer have been married for 7 years and live in Hettick, Illinois.
Promise Keeping
People can break their vows in two ways: big exits or little exits
How to Fight Fair
10 rules for getting good at what we all do
Staying Married through Tragedies
Divorce after tragedy is not inevitable. Here are eight ways to get through the hard times.
Get Away To Get Together
A trip for two holds more than a little R&R for your marriage.
The Case for Marriage
Science says married people are happier, healthier, and live longer and that bad marriages tend to get better. So why do we feel like Neanderthals for believing that?
Bedroom Priorities
Creating a sanctuary for rest & romance
10 Things I Used to Hate About You
How I learned to appreciate our differences
Budget Wars
How a Spender (him) met a Saver (me) and learned to manage their money together.
Mad About Racing You
Doing something you both love is what's important—not how silly it seems to others
What's He Thinking?
Must I Take Him Back?
You're Not Hearing Me!
For Better and For …
What my ordeal taught me about my marriage.
5 Things Your Husband Wants You to Know
Couple Minutes
God's Boot Camp
From the editors
My Marriage Was Over
Back from the Brink: A real-life story of a marriage in recovery.
Home, Stylish Home
Decorate—together—to create a place you'll both love to be
The Grad School Survival Program
How to send your spouse off to school without letting go of your marriage
One Checkbook or Two?
Strategies for tracking and managing your money.
Conquer Clutter
Get rid of the junk and make room for your marriage.
Are You in the Mood
Here's what husbands and wives need to know about each other's sexual wiring.
This Isn't for Quitters
Why couples need stamina and courage for marriage
Couple Counsel
The Limits of Fantasizing
It's Not About Satisfaction
Why marriage has a purpose even when it isn't working
We Feel Like Phonies
10 Fun Winter Things to Do with Your Spouse
The Devil's in the Details
From the editors
Adding Spice
Expressing love to your sweetheart never tasted so good
Bless For Less
Debt-free shopping strategies
We Were Roommates, Not Lovers
Back from the Brink: A real-life story of a marriage in recovery
How to Throw a Dinner Party
This holiday season, you and your spouse can host a memorable evening for your friends — and enjoy it, too.
Holiday Negotiations
How to divide the holidays so that both extended families are happy
'What's Wrong with Him?'
How to know if mental illness is affecting your spouse.
What marriage might look like as a personal ad
Can We Use Sex Videos?
She Can’t Get over 9/11
Do We Fight Too Much?
Handling the Angry Ex
What Phase Are You In?
From the editors
How to Spend Time Together
Everyone knows it's important, but so few do it.
Beyond Happily Ever After
Before we wrote our mission statement, we didn't realize how secular our goals were.
Romancing—with Kids?
Yes, it’s possible. How to plan a getaway that everyone will enjoy
Touch Me—Not There!
How to be sensual without necessarily being sexual
Celebrate the Simple
We learned early on that big events weren't as important as everyday encounters.
Couple Counsel
I Hate Sex
I'm Afraid to Fight
A Messy Marriage
Sex's Mission
Why God created sexual boundaries
Want a Good Marriage?
Learn to have a good conversation.
Different By Design
How the Bible reveals the secrets of Mars & Venus
Summertime Fun
You don't have to go far to get away—you can find romance in your own back yard.
How Men Really Think about Sex
Discover 3 key insights into the mystery of male sexuality
When Sleeping Together Drives You Apart
Solutions to marital sleep problems
Back from the Brink: A Real-Life Story of a Marriage in Recovery
I was too passive … and I gave in to his sordid wishes.
Witnessing to Neighbors
Being a good neighbor is a natural and effective way to share your faith
Keep It Zipped
Remaining faithful to your spouse can save the world.
I'm Competing with His Past
He Shoves Me
Our Personalities Collide
He Said: "I Hate to Wait; I'd Rather Act." She Said: "Let's Wait, Then Act"
My Husband Ignores Me
Staying Connected When Your Spouse Is Away
How to make sure absence really does make your heart grow fonder.
Strategic Sex
Go ahead. Put another category on your Daytimer and watch your love life improve.
Is a Little Space Such a Bad Thing?
How to take—and give—some "me" time
Celebrating Marriage on a Lousy Day
Sometimes you just get sick of each other. So?
Why I Love Being Mrs.
5 reasons to celebrate marriage
The Secret to Balanced Living
How couples have discovered a balanced lifestyle through a Christ-centered program called First Place
When Is "Looking" Lust?
Also, "The Pain of Intercourse", "Overcoming Miscarriage", and "Lasting Longer"
The Soul Cure
Sometimes the best way to solve marital problems is to spend time alone with God.
He Doesn't Want Kids
Also "I Dream About Other Men" He's Unhealthy
A Commuter Marriage
Chuck thought Marita should support his job move. She thought he should consider her job needs, too.
Why Can't My Wife Lose Weight?
Wrong approach: nagging my wife about her size. Right approach: my physician told me to diet.
The Compare Snare
What to do if you think your spouse doesn't "stack up" to someone else's
Promoting Marriage
President Bush's marriage advocate, Wade Horn, believes your marriage can make a difference.
I Was Addicted to Romance
How could escapist fantasies hurt anyone?
He Wants to "Just Do It"
Also: "Are Sex Toys Okay?", "I Don't Want Our Kids to Know", We've Never Had Sex", and "I Feel Rushed"
Could I Ever Forgive Him?
When my husband got caught soliciting a prostitute, I wondered if our marriage could survive.
Food Fight!
When Marcus and Janet argued about how she bought groceries, she hit him with a box of corn flakes. They realized it was time to find a more peaceful solution.
My Husband Isn't Honest
Also: Attracted to Another Man and Unequal Family Time
I Proposed in a Chain Letter!
But she married me anyway, and 20 years later, we're still going strong. Here are five good reasons.
Handling Hidden Differences
The way you resolve your tensions now can build a better marriage for years to come.
Walking with Purpose
Prayerwalking is no ordinary workout. It will take your marriage a step in the right direction.
Good, Clean Fun!
You and your spouse can make spring cleaning less of a drag.
A survival guide for when life throws you for a loop
Turn Off & Tune In
Your TV habits affect your marriage … for better or for worse.
Making a Connection
7 doable ideas for couples on the run
End of the Road?
Maybe I should have listened to my wife's suggestion after all.
Our Sex Life Is Dull
I Wanted to Kill Him
After my husband had a devastating stroke, our marriage fell apart. And so did I—to the point that I seriously considered ending his life.
Devotions in Disguise
A commitment to connect will bring you closer to each other … and to God.
Erasing Old Tapes
Memories of their failed first marriages haunted John and Karen Kosman like so many bad videotapes. They had to find a way to erase the old "tapes" and start making new ones.
Addicted to the Computer
Also: "He Can't Forgive Me", "We Attend Separate Churches", and "She's Too Friendly with Guys"
Starting Out: Situation: Critical
Constructive criticism is a bit of an oxymoron in our home—but we're working on it!
Christian singer Allen Asbury and his wife, Heidi, share how to love, how to fight, and how to put your dirty clothes in the hamper.
When Mars and Venus Remodel
A primer for doing it yourself—while doing it together
Party Time!
Summer's perfect for an outdoor fiesta. Round up some friends and neighbors and go for it!
Travels with Louise and Clark
No, that's not a typo. But with a nod to the 200th anniversary of the famous expedition, here's how you can keep your marriage adventure on the move.
Back from the Brink: Massaging the Truth
My husband said his trips to massage parlors were innocent, but I wasn't buying it.
Unsettled Spats
When their arguments were going nowhere, Keith and Cheryl Gatling knew they needed to find a way to resolve their squabbles.
He Isn't a Christian
Also: "My Husband Has Lost Interest," "Second Place to Her Father?," and "Is Separation Okay?"
The Ripple Effect
We were drowning in anger and stress until we began swimming.
It's the Little Things That Count
Nobody notices those behind-the-scenes good deeds of unsung spouses—until now.
Keep a Lid on It!
Listen up, guys, to this little known secret: Marital harmony begins in the bathroom.
When Marriage Feels Like War!
The greatest joys in our marriage don't come without a fight.
Happily Even After…
Decade after decade these four couples are still going strong. Here's why.
Married Without Children
As our pregnancy tests kept coming up negative, the joy of sex faded, turning it into a mere quest for procreation. Would we ever find that passion again?
What I Learned at the Mall
When my husband watched our toddler while I shopped, he did more than he could imagine.
Is Cybersex Cheating?
Also: "A Sex-Free Sabbath?" and "Sexual Fantasies"
I Was Married to Jekyll and Hyde
My husband's bipolar disorder was wrecking our family. Could I handle his quick-change personality?
To Neglect Is Divine
At times the best thing to say is nothing at all.
Too Busy for His Health?
When serious health issues threatened their marriage, Roy and Nancy Gibbs had to discover what was truly important.
I'm Blamed for Everything
Also: "I Married a Clutter Bug" and "Is Cosmetic Surgery Okay?"
For Men Only: What You Can Do
Me Time or "We" Time?
I relax by curling up with a good book. My husband thinks I'm shutting him out.
Can't have an orgasm? You're not the only one. Here's help
Ready, Set, Grow!
It's good to solve problems and move on, but you can also strengthen your marriage in the process.
Cash Crunch
The 5 stages of financial recovery
Men Are Computers Women Are Cell Phones
Can we stay connected?
Spiritually Alone
10 ways to motivate your disinterested spouse
Go Ahead. Get Closer . . .
. . . with these 8 easy habits of the heart
Redefining Romance
When the candlelight dinners are replaced by soccer games and Cub Scout meetings, just where does the flame come from?
Don't Say You're Sorry
Don't Say You're Sorry
Surprise! "Sorry" may not be the best way to end an argument.
When Your Sex Drives Don't Match
When Your Sex Drives Don't Match
Tips for each spouse
I Was a Sports Widow
I didn't realize how much I'd compete with football for my husband's attention!
Kissing Your Family Goodbye
What it really means to "leave and cleave"
Does Age Affect Sex?
Also: "She's Overweight", "I Had an Affair", and "My Husband Is Disabled"
"I Believe in You!"
"I Believe in You!"
Those magic words work wonders—especially in the marathon of marriage.
Will Your Romance Last?
Every married couple experiences life phases. Here's how to negotiate those seasons and keep the magic in your marriage.
Separated by War
Operation Iraqi Freedom has at least temporarily split up thousands of military marriages. Four couples discuss how they're dealing with it.
More Than Just Money
Finances alone don't help or harm your marriage. But your attitudes about money make a big difference.
Busting the Myths of a Christian Marriage
Busting the Myths of a Christian Marriage
One couple thought being Christians would save them from marital problems. Their naïve beliefs made everything worse.
Are the Kids Pulling You Apart?
How to choose marriage when minors want all of you
Surviving a Financial Crisis
Here's how two couples responded to money woes
We're Too Busy!
Also, "I Dread the Holidays" and "Emote Enough Already"
Could I Forgive His Emotional Affair?
Could I Forgive His Emotional Affair?
What do you do when you discover your husband has been seeing another woman? Read how one couple found healing for their hurting marriage
What's So Scary About Submission?
What's So Scary About Submission?
6 secrets about what the Bible really teaches
Become Pen Pals
A great way for sharing those things that are hard to say.
Painless Hospitality
How to open your home to others without driving your spouse crazy
How to Be Happy in an Unhappy Marriage
How to Be Happy in an Unhappy Marriage
Everything you need to know to make it work
We Both Had Affairs
We Both Had Affairs
A real-life story of a marriage in recovery
Worth Fighting For
Worth Fighting For
Just as God fought to save his people, your marriage is also
Succeeding at Second Marriages
Succeeding at Second Marriages
Remarriages are more complicated and at-risk than first marriages. Here's what you need to know to make it work.
My Husband Doesn't Ejaculate
Why Affairs Happen
Why Affairs Happen
And what you need to know about prevention and recovery
Why I Yell at My Husband
Is not fighting really that good for your marriage?
Christian Sex Rules
Christian Sex Rules
A guide to what's allowed in the bedroom
Boundaries for In-laws
Boundaries for In-laws
Establishing rules to protect your marriage
Get Physical
How to strengthen your abs as well as your marriage
Unexpectedly Expecting
Unexpectedly Expecting
How three couples coped with a surprise visit from the stork.
Loving Your Negative Spouse
Loving Your Negative Spouse
How to handle constant criticism
Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble
A backstage snapshot of relational advice from this celebrity couple
Growth by Dependence
Contrary to what the world may say, our mutual surrenders are what enrich us.
Sexual Addiction: Is Healing Possible?
Sexual Addiction: Is Healing Possible?
An interview with Dr. Mark Laaser
The Stay-at-Home Dad
Why some Christian couples are choosing to reverse roles and how it affects their marriages.
Surprised by Depression
Discovering my enemy had a name helped turn my marriage around
Affirm Foundation
Learning the habit of praise will transform how you see your spouse
Straight Talk
When your past haunts you, should you tell your spouse? Dennis Jernigan tried it both ways and knows what works best
More Than Sex
Your physical relationship needs to keep pace with your changing marriage.
Children of Divorce
If your parents' marriage failed and you're worried yours might do the same, here are steps to calm the fears
Alone Together
If you're married but still feel single, follow these tips to reconnect with your spouse
In Love with My In-Laws
Knowing my husband's family adds a welcome third dimension to our marriage
God's Rules for Sex
God's Rules for Sex
The Attic Fiasco
The Attic Fiasco
Stay on the rafters. Trust me on this one
What's Wrong with Happiness
When marriage fails to satisfy, check your expectations
How to Date Your Spouse
Want to be more in love tomorrow than you are today? The answer might be found in your past.
The Truth about Love
David and Teresa Ferguson found that the heart of a marriage lies in the heart of the gospel
Real Sex
Real Sex
Will Vacuum for Sex
Sex, Lies, and Hope
Dan's secret addiction nearly destroyed his home life. Here's how he and Susan got the marriage God always wanted them to have
When Your Loved One Doesn't Love God
It's possible to be "unequally yoked" yet still stay close—while you wait
Married Strangers
Married Strangers
Things didn't improve until I found out I was no good at loving my wife
Staying in Tune
A chat with MercyMe's frontman, Bart Millard, and his wife, Shannon
"Why Won't She Initiate?"
Also: "Could He Take a Shower?"
"She Doesn't Take Care of Herself"
Also: "Taking Sides"
The Sandwich Solution
How one wife returned good for evil
"He Never Finishes Projects!"
Also: "She Won't Help"
Survivor: Jellystone
Why camping together s'more fun than I thought
What We Need
Contrary to popular teaching, love and respect aren't gender specific.
A Firm Foundation
With God in control, your marriage can thrive.
The Real Thing
Through the years we've discovered what true God-love is and what it isn't—and what that means for our marriage.
Soulful Connections
Don't let these 4 myths about spiritual intimacy keep you and your spouse apart.
Innocent Pornography?
Also: "We Want It at Different Times", "Menstrual Intercourse", and "Bored in Boston"
Back From the Brink
It's Over.
Even my Christian counselor was suggesting divorce. Did my marriage have a chance?
Not-so Platonic Friendship
Also: "Choosing Mom Over Hubby"; "He's a Video Game Addict!"; and "No Time Together"
When Marriage Gets Tough
Believe it or not, there are some good reasons to stay married—even when you want to call it quits.
Mind Games
Take our quiz to find out how well you really know your spouse!
A Loving Focus
To Dr. James and Shirley Dobson, unconditional love is a decision—one that requires more than the leftovers of their time.
Moving Violations
Moving Violations
My husband's promotion meant uprooting our big city life to a small rural town. And I didn't like it.
Talking to Yourself
It's not a sign you're losing your mind, but a means to a better marriage.
A Child-Centered Life
What to do when your world revolves around your kids.
The Purpose-Driven Marriage
The Purpose-Driven Marriage
Use these five biblical purposes to give direction to your marriage.
Loaded Question
Asking it could make your marriage dynamite!
A Time to Laugh
Why having fun keeps the joy in our marriage.
When Sex Hurts
For thousands of women, intercourse is physically painful. Now there's help.
Chris and Sarah Sligh
Season 6 American Idol finalist talks about keeping it real in marriage.
Terry, Terri Quite Contrary
Where did my identity go?
Recession-proof Living
7 steps to protect your future
Common Cents
Lean on Me
For Jennifer and Phil Rothschild, one spouse's disability brings surprising blessings.
Spouse, Interrupted
My little digs made big holes in our relationship.
Right of Passage
It was my one bodily function too embarrassing to admit.
What's the Secret to a Happy Marriage?
Marriage Partnership readers tell all!
He's Practical; I'm Not
How I learned not to take our personality differences personally.
The Most (Unusual) Romantic Things
20 ways to spice up your intimacy
Positive & Negative Words
Why the 5-to-1 ratio works
"We Have Nothing in Common"
Also: "He's Lazy!"
Still the One
Marriage Partnership catches up with four couples who have been married 20 years—and discovers their secrets for staying together.
Way too Busy
What to do when your schedules leave little time together.
Redeeming Childhood
A Q&A with Focus on the Family President, Jim Daly and his wife, Jean
"My Wife's Gynecologist Is A Man"
Also: "I Want to Orgasm!"
Thanks a Lot, Jane Austen
One trip to the movies had me wondering, Where's the love? the romance?
Fowl Play!
These 4 communication styles are for the birds.
Grate Expectations
Was a swanky dinner by a fireplace too much to ask?
When a Son Kills
Gene and Carol Kent had a loving family, strong faith, and a great marriage. One gunshot changed everything.
Twelve Dates
Here's a fun way to celebrate your anniversary all year long.
He Drives Me Crazy
Marriage lessons from the road
Gimme Some Space!
After our long workdays, I couldn't wait to be together. Apparently he could
Relaxed Fit
What my 20 year marriage and Levi's® have in common
Pushy Wives and Pushover Husbands
Three Bible couples tell all.
Twelve Days of Christmas
How one husband reinvented gift giving.
Will We or Won't We …
Who holds the real power in your sex life?
"He Wants to Try New Things"
Also: "Too Dry for Sex"
Healthy Holidays
This time of year doesn't have to bring stress to your family's fun, waist, or wallet.
Not Tonight, Honey
I just knew we'd pray together every day. Uh … right.
Starring Role
A chat with Hollywood celebrity Jim Caviezel and his wife, Kerri.
Common Cents
"Let's Cuddle"
Apparently those words do not have universal meaning to men and women.
The Packer Game Incident
My husband had a listening problem. And I wasn't about to let him forget it.
$30 Changed My Marriage
My shopping spree turned into more than I bargained for.
Kicking It Up A Notch
Ross and Debbie Radke have turned their faith and their love for martial arts into ministry that's impacting their community.
"Too Much Computer Time!"
Also: "Mother-in-law Mayhem"
We E-Resolve Our Conflicts
Balancing Your Money Mindset
How to make cash an asset to your marriage.
What business can teach you about God's purpose for your marriage
Thanks For a Whole Lot of Nothings
My gratitude for everyday actions improved our opinions of each other.
Our Best Sex Advice
Our Best Sex Advice
20 tips and tricks to improve your time in the bedroom.
Ah, to Sleep
Are bedtime issues interfering with your marriage?
"Fake an Orgasm?"
Also: "He's Not a Good Lover"
For the Fun of It
How to embrace the amazing power of saying yes
Sex Was My Last Priority
Sex Was My Last Priority
No lovemaking until everything was in order. Boy, was I wrong!
"We Don't Have Fun Anymore"
Also: "My Wife Is a Hypocrite"
Our Town
Get ready to enjoy the best that small-town living (pop: 2) has to offer.
Soulful Connections
How close are you and your spouse spiritually? MP reports how couples are living out their faith.
A New Season
A chat with Bebo and Roshare Norman.
Caught Unawares
Temptation to look outside your relationship can sneak up on you—even in the best marriages.
"Giving Pointers"
Also: "Playing Dress Up?" "Initiating Sex"
Portrait of a Marriage: "Rebels with a Cause"
Both from broken homes and dysfunctional relationships, Tripp and Barbara Curtis resolved to pursue more for their marriage and family.
Living with an Intruder
We wondered what good could possibly come from my wife's illness.
Wishful Thinking?
Turning your "if onlys" into reality.
Common Cents
Major League Mishap
I'd tried to make our trip to the ballpark perfect. What was my wife's problem?
We've Got Chemistry
Understanding the science of love isn't as complicated as it seems.
"Recording Ourselves?"
Also: "His daughter's killing our intimacy", "He looks at other women"
Stop, Drop, and Kiss
One small gesture sparked romantic evenings
When Your Spouse Has a Ghost
if you're married to some one haunted by a prior marriage, here'show you can help.
When Two Become One
Living on one income is more doable than you think! Here's how.
Don't Touch That Thermostat!
Our temperature differences were amusing … at first.
Phil and Heather Joel
A passionate pursuit.
When Mr. Fix-It Won't Do
After my wife miscarried, I realized she needed something from me that was different from my normal responses.
Marriage On Par
We hated playing golf—and that's what made our time together so much fun.
Solving Conflicts without Arguing
Living on one income is more doable than you think! Here's how.
Common Cents
"He Spoils the Kids"
Also: "She's too social" "Why is it always my fault?"
Oh, the Mess
Why can't he just pick up his stuff? Like me. Well, sort of.
Sticks and Stones …
3 surprising ways your words impact your spouse.
Spirituality and Sex?
What 4 Christian sex therapists wish you knew.
Mission Impossible
Stolen jewels, the Russian mafia, and a kidnapping. Would my husband choose to accept my elaborate date adventure?
Fear-Free Finances
Creating stability on a variable income.
"You Snore!"
Sleeping with my husband was becoming a nightmare.
Seeing the Sacred
Moving beyond promises.
When the One You Love Hurts
Living with a spouse who's living with pain.
A Reason to Smile
A Q&A with Kerri Pomarolli and Ron McGhee.
"Post-Pregnancy Turn-off"
Also: "Foreplay? What foreplay?" "Talking During Sex"
Second Chances
Clint and Penny Bragg learned even the most broken marriage can be healed by God's reconciling love.
Peaks, Valleys, and Rails
Maybe married life isn't just about reaching the mountaintops and avoiding the dark times.
Whose Turn Is It, Anyway?
When they couldn't stop fighting over household chores, Jason and Jenn Walker found a new way to get the job done. She Said: "I'm sick of cleaning." He Said: "It's not my job."
Couple Minutes
Planned Spontaneity?
You bet. Here's a fool-proof method to score points with your spouse.
A fun way to defuse conflict—and get something you want in the process.
A Man and His Tools
My wife and I define home improvement differently …
With Friends Like These …
Are your pals helping or hurting your marriage?
True Success
A chat with Hollywood couple Patricia Heaton and David Hunt.
"Pressured to Lose Weight"
Also: "Is He a Sex Addict?" "Make-up Sex"
Marital Drift
In pursuit of "the good life," busy couples can let everything take priority over the two most important things: God and marriage. Author David Goetz discusses how to make sure that doesn't happen.
Ministry Times Two
For Eric and Jennifer Garcia, serving together and having a good marriage aren't accidental—they're intentional.
The Hockey Widower
My wife needed a teammate. And it was time for me to get in the game.
A Shelter from Winter Winds
When marriage moves into a cold season, there's still hope for spring.
Too Much Clutter!
When our closets began to overflow, we had to make some tough choices. He Said: She won't get rid of anything. She Said: He had too much junk.
"She Puts Me Down"
Also: "Why 'Leave and Cleave'?"
The Christmas Cold War
He liked lists; I liked surprises. Could we learn a new way to give?
Facing My Fears
Would My Mate Leave Me?
"Baby, I Wouldn't Trade You for a Sow and Seven Pigs."
My husband's idea of romance didn't exactly sweep me off my feet.
4 Communication Firecrackers
And how to avoid them.
Facts of Married Life
A chat with Lisa Whelchel and Steve Cauble.
Staying in Like
"Ready or Not …"
Also: "Breast Sensitivity"; "Sexual Experimentation"
I Want to Be Happy
I discovered that wasn't too much to ask for in my marriage. It was too little.
Homer & Marge & Dave & Jana
The Simpsons as our role models? D'oh!
When change and uncertainty come, renew your marriage.
"His Sister Won't Move Out!"
Also: "She Doesn't Need to Work"; "He Keeps Moving Us"
Last on His List
When his work became too demanding, James and Elizabeth Rock had to schedule some together time.
How Could He Lie to Me?
I'd never keep secrets from him. Would I?
Thirty Days to Live
An interview with Greg and Linda Anderson
It's Okay to Laugh
Bounce Back!
The secrets to building resilience in your marriage.
When Kids Come Along
Becoming parents forced us to reinvent our communication
One-Stop Shopping
Our once-a-year buying plan started of necessity. But it paid off big time!
Just Friends?
The attention from my coworker was nice. A little too nice.
The Plane Truth
Getting my pilot's license could be a boost for my marriage—if it didn't kill us first.
Shopping With My Wife
On our (painful) trips to the mall, I got more than I bargained for
Reaching the Summit
The climb may be tough, but the view from the top is awesome
"Size Does Matter"
Also: "Pornographic viewing"; "Missionary position"
Let Loose and Have Fun!
Try these 36 ideas for a summertime connection.
The Cost of Neglect
My work had become my mistress and my wife had had enough. What would happen to us?
"What About Me-Time?"
Also: "Preventative Counseling?" "He Says 'No' to Kids"
Summer Lovin'
How to have a connection in this season that's ripe for rewards.
Lost in Translation
When communication broke down, Dave and Merry Marinello had to learn a new language.
"Why Can't I Come Home?"
My father's tough love taught me my proper place.
Family Management Makeover
There's help for making your home run smoothly
Holy Matri-Money
When it comes to finances, Marriage Partnership couples have plenty to say about their spending habits and attitudes.
More Than Words
Sometimes it's small, everyday acts of kindness that best demonstrate love toward our mate. Here are 9 ways MP readers communicate love—without ever saying a word.
Penning a Marriage
The power of interactive journaling
The Cat Rug
I wanted to hide it in the garage. But my husband was latch-hooked to it.
Something's Gotta Give
Husband-wife duo Linford Detweiler and Karin Bergquist of Over the Rhine didn't realize how much their relationship was slipping away—until it almost fell apart.
"Body Conscious"
Also: "Pelvic Workout" "Multiple Orgasms" "The Wild side"
Pots and Plans
When the non-stick stoveware was ruined, Janine and Steve Petry realized they needed a better way to treasure their possessions and each other She Said: "We'll just have to buy a new one" He Said: "We have to take care of things"
He Won't Spend Time with Me
Also: "She's Mothering Me!" "She Says I'm Not Romantic."
Performance Anxiety
When our sex life didn't fit the newlywed cliché, I was determined to fix it.
Joy in the Journey
The relational glue that helps us pursue oneness
The Paper Chase
Finding that important document doesn't have to be an ordeal.
Making Our Own Way
Our childhood Christmas traditions didn't work for us. But why was finding new ones so difficult?
How Sex Points Us to God
Believe it or not, making love with your spouse is a spiritual—as well as a physical—exercise.
Marriage in the Shadowlands
The marriage of C. S. Lewis to Joy Davidman took everyone by surprise. But what an intense and wonderful surprise their marriage became. An MP interview with Lewis's stepson Douglas Gresham.
A New Treatment
The way I responded to my wife's requests meant peace for both of us.
Guilt from Premarital Sex
Also: "I do all the work"; "He tells me what to do!"
Baby Blues
When kids reveal problems in a marriage, it's time to make some changes.
Pulling Together
A chat with singer/songwriter Fernando Ortega and his wife, Margee
Winter Woes
Also: "His endless projects never get done!"; "Separation Readjustments"
Spiritually Lacking
Our marriage was good, so we put God on the back burner. Big mistake.
The Dog Has to Go!
Roger and Linda Dee thought nothing could come between them. Linda's puppy had other ideas.
Avoiding Missteps and Misunderstandings
How to listen before you leap (to the wrong conclusion)
What Happened to My Friends?
I didn't realize how deeply marriage would change my other relationships.
Potato Chip Fallout
I didn't buy the kind she wanted. Now I was walking home.
In This Thing Together
Sometimes patience comes only though compassion
True Success
A chat with Newsboys front man Peter Furler and his wife, Summer
Arousal Troubles
Also: "Okay without sex"; "It's messy!"; "She's too fat"; "He keeps grabbing me"
Happy Birthday to Me
My husband and I were born on the same day. I pampered him. Why didn't he do the same?
Yes, I nearly burned down the house. But I was more worried what my wife would do.
The 5 Sides of Intimacy
Hint: It's more than just sex
Frazzled New Mom
Also: "Mother-in-law visits"; "Depression dilemma"
11 Easy—and Free!*—Ways to Say "I Love You"
* or almost free!
The Power of Patience
An amazing thing can happen during your wait for things to change
Not Our Parents' Marriage
When their marriage didn't match Mom and Dad's, Brian and Jaime Lackey had to adjust their expectations.
Destination: Vacation
How to get away from it all—for less
Going My Way?
What a bicycle built for two did to our marriage
We Still Do!
Couples across America are renewing their vows. Why and how you should, too.
What Does It Do for Me?
"Seinfeld" moments and the humble—and noble—act of serving
Motor Home-wrecker
I surprised Norma with an RV. She surprised me by demanding I return it.
"He Won't Touch Me"
Also: "She's too modest", "Post menopausal sexuality", "And baby makes three", and "Sex-enhancing drugs"
MP Special Section: A Marriage Revolution
Support System
7 ways to care for your ill spouse
I Couldn't Stop Dieting
My fears of inadequacy were fueling an obsession with thinness—and destroying my marriage.
She Has Breast Cancer
Also: "He won't bathe!"; "Vacation expectations"; "Infertility testing"
Are You Saying ... ?
Make sure you hear what your spouse really means.
The Mystery of Oneness
Two become one even if it doesn't feel that way
I Married a Mess-maker
How could he be so thoughtless—especially when I kept reminding him to clean up?
Who Do You Think You Are?
Believing childhood distortions can keep you from the love you long for.
The Prayer God Loves to Answer
When you make this request, the results may surprise you
When Silence Is Golden
Six times when it's best not to say a word
Gimme Some Credit!
How I taught my wife the virtues of impulse buying
"Don't Tell Me What to Do!"
"Our need to micro-manage each other was driving us apart."
Honey, I Shrunk the clothes!
"What a laundry mishap taught me about peacemaking."
Grace Matters
Marriage Partnership talks to Max and Denalyn Lucado about making forgiveness work individually and together.
Give It the Boot
When you can't forgive and forget, remember what the reminders really mean.
Why Forgive?
It's more about you than you think.
"She Won't Initiate Sex"
Also: "Faking It", "Urinary urgency", and "Feeling Guilty"
Confronting the Other Woman?
Also: "Depressed and Angry"; "Expressing True Feelings"; "Single Mode"
Husbanding by Design
6 plans of a God-honoring man
Secrets of a Soul Mate
It may be time to become what you—and your spouse—really long for
Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.
These former members of the internationally renowned 60s group The Fifth Dimension discuss the importance of being friends before marriage.
Managing Money Together
She Said: "He spent our money without telling me"; He Said: "I thought it was a good investment"
Real Good Housekeeping
How to get your spouse to help around the house
Terms of Engagement
Read the winning engagement stories from the Best Marriage Proposal contest, cosponsored by Marriage Partnership and Robbins Bros Jewelers.
Simple Gifts
What cereal boxes and straightened shoes taught me about love
I Had an Abortion
I Had an Abortion
And that terrible secret was killing our marriage.
Sex Through the Decades
What you need to know now—and later
Scheduling Sex
Putting sex on the calendar makes it a date to remember!
What I Wish I'd Known Before I Got Divorced
What I Wish I'd Known Before I Got Divorced
Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.
I Had an Emotional Affair
I Had an Emotional Affair
How "innocent" chats and e-mails nearly destroyed my marriage
Opening the Door to Healing
Opening the Door to Healing
When childhood sexual abuse affects a marriage's intimacy
Don't Wait—Celebrate!
Anytime and every time is good to enjoy each other
Confessions of a Former Perfectionist
How four discoveries helped me realize my unreasonable expectations of my husband
Stress-related insomnia prompted Randy Frazee to set new boundaries to find the sunny side of life.
The Prayers that Changed Husbands
The Prayers that Changed Husbands
When Tami Chelew got serious about talking to God about her mate, she couldn't believe what happened.
My Husband's Secret Life
My Husband's Secret Life
For 13 years of our marriage, John practiced a gay lifestyle. How could I ever trust or love him again?
Clear and Present Danger
Relational Advisory for Guys: Giving these gifts can be hazardous.
Your secret code to defuse conflict
More Than Skin on Skin
Getting rid of the addictive distortion of sex
In-Law Overload
When visiting family, Carol and Kevin Heffernan had to redefine downtime.
A Piercing Silence
What I learned when I finally got quiet enough to let God speak
The Secret to Contentment
The Secret to Contentment
When Joyce Meyer took a risk to love and be loved, she discovered something deeper than happiness.
What Joy Isn't
Three ways we misuse or abuse joy
Clearer Connections
Remarried couples often bring baggage into their marriage. Here's how to work through the issues to gain stronger communication skills.
Going Beyond Our Expectations
Marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be—and more than we can imagine.
Portrait of a Marriage: "Forget Me Not"
Portrait of a Marriage: "Forget Me Not"
A virus threatened to take Chris Maxwell's life. Instead, it took his mind, and left Chris and Debbie scrambling to pick up the pieces.
Simple Words
Praying with my husband is wonderful—but it didn't start that way.
Is Your Spouse Stressed at Work?
Is Your Spouse Stressed at Work?
9 things you can do to help.
Finding More Money
We were earning plenty. So why couldn't we pay the bills?
A Perfect Gift
It's now dog-eared, cracked, and faded, but it was …
How to Keep Sex Fun
How to Keep Sex Fun
Use these 13 tips!
Across the Miles
With the right plan, distance couldn't keep us apart.
Affairs of the Mind
Why romantic brain candy isn't all that sweet
"A Friend's Unwanted Attention"
Also: "He Doesn't Like My Sister", "I Feel Manipulated"
Sandwich Generation
How to be a parental caregiver and still keep your marriage strong.
Take a Hike!
Our annual marriage check-up is a great thing. But does it have to involve so much sweat?
Feeling Let Down?
What to do with an imperfect spouse.
Improve Your Sex IQ
Improve Your Sex IQ
7 things you need to know about sex
A Tippy Canoe and Barry, Too
What a nearly disastrous dip in the river taught me about …
War on the Homefront
Just back from Iraq, Navy SEAL Mark Waddell suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. And his wife, Marshéle, was clueless how to help.
Best Friends Forever
The power of getting couples together to share life, struggles, and faith.
Training for the Long Haul
Marriage is a lot like running a marathon—but the rewards are even better.
Ghosts of Marriage Past
Facing the unseen hurts that haunt your relationship.
Peanut Butter and Jelly
We couldn't be more different, but we're an unbeatable combination.
Rest, Renew, & Retreat
A couple's spiritual getaway doesn't have to be the typical prayer, fasting, and religious routine.
Going from Good to Great
How 30 minutes a week can re-energize your marriage. An interview with life coach Christopher McCluskey.
The 3 Most Important Choices
The 3 Most Important Choices
Your marriage depends on them.
Marriage Junk Mail
Its seductive promises of a better life fed my discontent.
Lessons from on High
Okay, so climbing on the roof was a bad idea. But I learned something from it.
I Had an Affair
My husband wasn't making me happy. So why not look elsewhere for intimacy?
Fighting Words
On the brink of battle, an Old Testament king turned to God. Here are the surprising marriage lessons I learned from his prayer.
Language Lessons
To be a successful lover, you have to communicate with and without words.
Checks and Balances
Money was never a problem for Jim and Lisa Preuett—or so they had thought.
Are Opposite-Sex Friends Okay?
Also: "I Like Attention from Men", "No Time for 'Us'", and "He's a Workaholic"
Water, Water Everywhere
And nary a moment to think. How would my husband handle my latest remodeling disaster?
Just an Act
I was ignoring my wife, except for sex—and it was destroying us.
Gifts that Give Back
10 surprising ways to affirm your mate-and reap the benefits!
Photographic Memories
How to preserve your romantic history together
The only antidote to bitterness was something I didn't feel like doing.
Must See TV?
When their viewing habits caused conflict, Daniel and Angela Darling realized they needed to come up with a "TV guide."
Sex During Pregnancy
Also: "Is There a Sexual Prime?", "Communicating the Play by Play", "Do We Always Have to Have an Orgasm?", and "I'm Dry During Sex"
What Fighting About Money Will Cost You
Tips to keep you out of the red.
The Romance Factor
Use all five senses to connect with your spouse.
Show Me the Money
I called it reinvesting. My wife called it stealing.
Marriage Martyr
I was vying for the title of "Most Taken for Granted"—but what did I expect to win?
Fixing Those Irritations
Requesting change is a 3-step art. Here's how.
No More Mr. Mom
He Said: "I'm not just a to-do list"; She Said: "I can't do everything"
Testing Our Vows
I thought I would have my best friend forever. Now I wasn't so sure.
Long Distance Service
Also: "Forgotten Foreplay", "I'm Impotent", and "Allergic to Ejaculate?"
Shadows of the Mind
What to do with negative emotions toward your spouse.
Beat the Clock
She Said: "I need more sleep!"; He Said: "I miss my wife"
She Tells Our Business
Also: "Love, But Not In Love"; "He Wants to Leave Church"; "He Shuts Me Out"
Feeding Frenzy
Keeping up with my husband's snacking was weighing me down.
Committed for Life!
Remaining loyal brings a treasure trove of blessings to marriage—not a life sentence.
For Better or For Worst
Two couples who have faced tragic, unforeseen circumstances—together.
The Best Sex (Survey) Ever!
Ever wondered how your sex life compares to that of other readers? Sure, you have! So read on.
Vanishing Act
We should have money. So where does it go? And what can we do about it?
What Planet Is John Gray On?
Not all of us are from Mars or Venus
Real Sex
Inhibited lover, a weight problem and feeling used
Q & A
A Griefstricken Husband, When to Confess and a Deceptive Wife
Why We Need Anniversaries
Once a year, we have an excuse to remember. What memories are we making today?
He Said, She Said
Why can't she manage our money?
Best Books for a Better Marriage
Every few years, a book comes out that gets people talking and changes how they think about life. These books have had that effect on the way couples approach marriage.
Ask the Experts
We already did, and here's what they told us in ten years of MP Interviews
Great Expectations
It's fine to have them—as long as they are grounded in reality
Marriage 2001
Despite the challenges of each generation, people still love to get married. A look at where we've been points to where we're going
Basic Training
What really goes on at a weekend marriage seminar? The inside story on two very different approaches
Aphrodisiacs & Old Lace
Did Bob and Judy wear out the romance when they wore out the honeymoon negligees?
Your marriage is better than you think
When things just aren't right, what's really wrong?
Moore, Moore & More
Parenting is the name of the game for Mitch and Mary Moore, who have quadruplets plus one
Small-Town Sweethearts
Shawn Curtis wanted to show Jackie he'd marry her all over again. So he did
The Adventurers
Dana and Brian Cummings thrive on challenge—even apartheid South Africa
The Honeymooners
After ten years of highs and lows, Tiffany and Tim Thompson feel like newlyweds. Here's why
Love's Time Line
How to make sure your marriage gets better with age
Real Sex
Turned On but Turned Down
Giving Up on Equality
… and finding something better
He Said, She Said
Let's do things as a family."
Q & A
Married Roommates, a Parenting Conflict and Feeling Devalued
A Team Needs a Captain
But can two become one if one is in charge?
When You Gotta Go …
A tale of rest areas and true love
Squeezed for Time?
Why hoping for a 26-hour day isn't the answer
Small Actions, Big Payoff
Want to impress your mate? It's easier than you think.
Does Your Marriage Need a Tune-Up?
What causes this once smooth-running machine to knock and sputter?
Open to the World
Why Ravi and Margie Zacharias are convinced God has big plans for your marriage
Starting Over
With God's help, it's possible to rebuild trust—even after a painful betrayal
Whatever Happened to Dinner and a Movie?
You can still pick a flick without alienating your spouse or compromising your values
Honest to God
When Steve Green admitted his spiritual emptiness, it transformed his relationship with Marijean
Help for the Road Weary
A conversation with Elizabeth Hoekstra, author of Keeping Your Family Close: When Frequent Travel Pulls You Apart (Crossway)
Real Sex
Never Let Her Go
Debby Boone & Gabriel Ferrer keep hanging on
Q & A
Cybertrust, Long-ago Betrayal and a Homebody Husband
Common Property
How to buy a house without making your spouse crazy
He Said, She Said
I enjoyed giving spontaneously.
Doing Unto Others—at Home
The first place to live out the Bible's 'love one another' advice is right in your own marriage
Household Skullduggery
Can a clutterbug and a clean freak live together without a few secret maneuvers? I don't think so
If I Had a Hammer …
I'd hide it
Can You Have It All?
When it comes to balancing career and marriage, something has to give—right? 'Wrong!' says Alan Loy McGinnis
Disturbing the Peace
Is your bad mood bad for your marriage?
Penny-Pinching Lovers
With $200 or less, readers make a big-time investment in their marriages
Racing Toward a Dream
For Randy and Tiffanie Tolsma, staying close is a high-speed affair
Snap Shot
International Relations
Real Sex
Chasing Your Dreams
How to keep pursuing those big plans—even when life hems you in
Equal Recognition for Equal Work
Why don't working dads get the credit they deserve?
He Said, She Said
I wanted Christmas to be peaceful.
Q & A
A Clutterbug, a Workaholic and an Insanely Jealous Wife
Marriage's Best Gift
Why your mate is more perfect than you think
Don't Hog the Blanket
and other things not to do to improve your marriage
My Job's Bigger than Your Job
How to keep competition from creeping into your home life
Are You a Skunk or a Turtle?
Find out and you'll communicate better
Do-It-Yourself Marriage
Even if your spouse isn't trying, you can bring positive change to your marriage, says popular therapist Michele Weiner-Davis
Winning Ways
PGA superstar Tom Lehman knows it takes persistent effort and faith to make it to the top—in golf and in marriage
Someone's Knocking at the Door
With my husband's sense of hospitality, it could be a complete stranger
Even when you're both at a spiritual standstill, you can help each other reignite your passion for God
Out of Control
Don't let tough times rob you of joy
Peace on Earth—and at Your House, Too
How to beat the stress of the season
Are You Married Strangers?
Are You Married Strangers?
You can rediscover your spouse's heart
Life was great—until my wife's desperate call for help.
It's Okay to Cry
It's Okay to Cry
How tears nourish a growing marriage
Staying Connected
Staying Connected
When something works for you as a couple, make it a tradition. Your rituals reflect the heart of your marriage.
Money Changes Everything
Daryl and Angela never argued about money—until they had some
A Simple, Balanced Life?
It is possible, says author Norm Wright in Simplify Your Life and Get More Out of It! (Tyndale)
Exposing the Sex Lie
Why a married, bald guy is more satisfied than you'd think
In-Law Tug-of-War
Caught in the middle? Here are ways to create some independence while staying close to the families you love
Husband Bashing
Husband Bashing
When I joined in on a gripe-fest about spouses, God taught me a lesson I'll never forget.
Lift Lines
Questions to take your marriage to higher levels
Irreconcilable Differences—So?
Irreconcilable Differences—So?
Why you don't need to see things the same way
How marriage uncovers the sin in our lives—and why that's a good thing.
Divided Loyalties
Divided Loyalties
Happy wife, happy life? Or is his mom still queen of the castle?
My Obsession with Work
My Obsession with Work
My wife thought it was a problem. Since nagging didn't work, she found another method to get my attention.
How to Make Sex a Priority
How to Make Sex a Priority
Tips for regaining intimacy with your spouse
Can We Talk?
7 tips to get your spouse to open up.
We Never Loved Each Other
We Never Loved Each Other
We never even really liked each other. How would our marriage last?
He Spoils His Kids
Also: "He Won't Help Me Lose Weight"; "I Miss My Family"; and "I'm Jealous of My Daughter"
Poisonous Putdowns
Poisonous Putdowns
Harsh words can destroy your marriage. Here's how to defuse verbal abuse.
Dynamic Duo
Live the adventure of serving side-by-side
A Marriage Revolution
By practicing what we believe, Christian marriages can transform our society.
Mad About You!
Make anger work for your marriage
How to Make Your Blended Family Work
How to Make Your Blended Family Work
You can find success in your second marriage.
Tortoise and Hare
Was I too fast or was he too slow?
How Often Is Normal?
Also: "Are Dirty Words Okay?", "Speeding Up Orgasm", and "Emotions of the Heart"
Willie & Maylo Aames
Book Briefs
For Better, for Worse
Real Sex
Lack of desire, breaking free from porn, a know-it-all lover
Q & A
Suspicious Husband,Trivialized Wife and Helping Friends in Crisis
He Said, She Said
She doesn't know how to relax
It's a Guy Thing
How your gender differences can build a stronger marriage
Coming in Second
The only way to win at marriage is to let your mate take first place
From the Editors
So That's Why We Got Married
The Great Toaster Tart Conspiracy
First they brainwashed my kids. then they came between me and my wife. Where Would It All End?
No Excuses
How to have a great marriage even if you had lousy role models
Clearing the Air
Walter and Thanne Wangerin saw turn their despair into a lifetime of fresh starts
Whatever Happened to the Full-Service Marriage?
In today's self-serve world, more and more people are longing for good service.
I Married a Gearhead
All I know about cars is they need gas. The rest I leave up to my wife
For better, for worse
American Marriage
Larnelle and Mitzy Harris: 'We have allowed the Lord to remind us that we are his children and we need to walk accordingly.
From the Editors
That's Amore!
Real Sex
Sex Toys, Solo Acts and the Bare Facts
Q & A
Gift-Giving Headache, Futile Attraction and a Neglected Husband
Now & Forever: Lovers' Quarrels
What you fight about now won't even create a stir in a few years. Guess what will take its place?
He Said, She Said
He said, "She's too outspoken."
Heart & Soul: Truth and Consequences
My wife's honesty was the slap in the face I didn't want—but needed
Unshakable Love
Our family's life-and-death struggles tested whether we had this "Unshakable Love."
The flames destroyed our house. What had they done to us?
Bonds of Steel
Strengthening your marriage to survive anything
What's Harder Than Playing in the NFL?
Sheryl & Ken Ruettgers explain how the guy who protects the quarterback learned to protect his marriage
Background Check
Darrell and Stevie Waltrip
'We went through a lot of years of not having children and some tough financial times, and we never jumped ship.'
Who's the Head of My House?
If I could find the words, I'd tell you
For Better, For Worse
Real Sex
Inhibited Lovemaking, High-Tech Adultery and Use It or Lose It?
Q & A
Clashing Controllers, the Too-Social Drinker and an Affair to Forget
He Said, She Said
He said, "She's a social maniac." She said, "He's the ultimate homebody."
George Invades Cyberspace
Fear gripped me when I imagined my low-tech husband, mouse in hand, wiping out the last two years of my life
The Touchiest Topic
How to make it easier to talk about spiritual things with your spouse
Say 'good-bye' to the old you
Mr. Cool
Gary Smalley wasn't always so calm and collected. Buried anger could have wrecked his career and marriage
Where Did Our Life Go?
If you feel like your days are lived in fast-forward, here's how to hit the pause button.
Tough times forced Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman to learn the art of improvisation
Wellington and Katheryn Boone
'We're not trying to make each other happy; we're trying to make God happy.'
Clueless Men and Angry Women
A conversation with Holly Faith Phillips, co-author of What Does She Want from Me, Anyway? (Zondervan)
He Said, She Said
He said: "She misses all the fun." She said: "He takes foolish risks."
The Great Pretender
I was so good at being a 'great guy,' I even fooled myself
Real Sex
Oral Sex, Anti-Climax and Pain vs. Desire
Q & A
Baby Battles,Married Strangers and a Man without Ambition
Counselor's Notebook
Giving new meaning to the term "pen pal."
The Color of Love
In a neighborhood where racial barriers are a fact of life, Kafi & Rudy Carrasco are showing others there is hope for unity
No Guarantees
My husband's tumor reminded us that the future is uncertain. How would we find hope and confidence to move ahead?
Welcome to the Bat Cave
I was taken by surprise by a pair of beady eyes while getting into bed one night
The Boomerang Effect
Befriending another couple might be the best thing you can do for your marriage, say experts Les & Leslie Parrott
The MP Bookshelf
A conversation with Timothy Jones, author of The Art of Prayer
Click Once for Help
From the Editors
Counselor's Notebook
Sharing dreams and goals
He Said, She Said
He's the boss, no, she's the boss
Impossible Math
How is it that when two become one, the sum is greater than its parts?
Put Your Money Where Your Spouse Is
Marriage may be your most profitable investment
Q & A
The War of the Words, Secret Savings and He Wants Her Back
Real Sex
Sex as a Solo Act, Premarital Regrets and Questions of Infertility
Partners or Parents?
How to make sure the rigors of child-rearing pull you together rather than push you apart
Reader's Choice; Survey
Readers' Choice Book Awards
Bill & Liz's Excellent Adventure
We wanted a second honeymoon. We got more than we bargained for.
Money Made Easy?
A conversation with Bob Russell, author of Money: A User's Manual
Real Sex
Bedroom C.E.O., Rapid Response and Zero Interest
Q & A
Married to the Job, a Wayward Wife, and Malicious In-Laws
Now You're Talkin'
Your letters, e-mail and faxes
From The Editor
One Step at a Time
Snap Shot
It's a Beautiful Day in the Neverhood
He Said, She Said
Limiting Time With Relatives
Have We Met?
If you feel like you no longer know each other, it's time to get reacquainted.
Happily Ever After?
Happiness comes and goes. I'm looking for something that lasts
What Happened to the Fireworks?
More often than not, we settled for a snuggle and sleep instead of sex. Here's how we put the KA-BOOM back into bedtime.
Red Alert!
How to tell if your marriage is approaching a danger zone
Snore Warzzzzzzz
And other nocturnal habits of the North-American monogamous male and female
Internet Infidelity
It doesn't take a physical act to betray your vows
Stand by Me
Being married should mean having someone who's always on your side, not on your case
The Price of Silence
Francine Rivers knew she had to come clean about her past, but would it destroy her marriage?
Public Disclosure
When is it okay to vent about your marriage?
Two Careers, One Marriage
Two Careers, One Marriage
Jack and Judy Balswick show how to stick together when work pulls you in opposite directions.
Marital Vandalism
Marital Vandalism
How to keep a sneaky saboteur from damaging your closeness
In Sickness and in Health
In Sickness and in Health
It doesn't make sense to start out "in sickness"—or does it?
What No One Tells You About Dual-Career Households
What No One Tells You About Dual-Career Households
Elisa and Evan Morgan's survival tactics for a successful dual-career marriage
The Love Doctor
Feeling unloved? Author and counselor Gary Chapman reveals a simple prescription that works wonders.
Men Don’t Need to Become Women
Men Don’t Need to Become Women
It’s time to recite the Guy Manifesto.
The Good Life?
The Good Life?
Their pursuit of a picture-perfect marriage nearly cost Susan and Mark Wheeler everything—including each other.
A Roadmap for Your Marriage
A Roadmap for Your Marriage
Get your marriage to where you want it to go.
Don't Believe the Divorce Statistics
Don't Believe the Divorce Statistics
Why your marriage has better than a 50/50 chance
Should You Choose Your Dream Job or Your Husband’s?
Should You Choose Your Dream Job or Your Husband’s?
Within one week, we both were invited to take our dream jobs. Too bad they were a thousand miles apart.
From The Editor
The Other Mrs. Ferrebee
"It" Doesn't Just Happen
"It" Doesn't Just Happen
A lifetime prescription for sizzling sex
A Better Model for Marriage
A Better Model for Marriage
Divorce forces ex-wives toward self-confidence. There must be a different way to get there.
The Waiting Game
The pain of secondary infertility may not end, but the loneliness can
Tim and Melinda Inman thought they'd done everything right. So how did they end up in court, declaring themselves unable to pay their debts?
Why You Need a Double Standard
Why You Need a Double Standard
How you can you love your spouse
Stop the Money Madness
Through the years, you'll clash over cash—whether you have a lot or a little.
Go Ahead. Kiss Your Spouse!
Go Ahead. Kiss Your Spouse!
And do it in front of the kids. Youth specialist Jim Burns talks about the power of a loving marriage.
Save $100 This Month
Save $100 This Month
A change of perspective can put change in your pocket
The Other Woman
The Other Woman
We didn't kiss, or even touch. But the hold we had on each other wasn't easily broken
The 15-Second Marriage Improvement Program
Perking up a sluggish marriage doesn't have to take all day.
Love on the Rocks
Love on the Rocks
For Dana and Doug Englekirk, life is one happy uphill climb.
I'll Call You When I Get There
Every business trip ends with one consuming thought: "I want to do better when I get home."
Why Butting Heads Is Good for Your Marriage
But beware: it's not for the faint of heart.
Shining Hope in the Red Light District
A journalist's eye-opening account of the European sex trade and people who minister to prostituted women
Desperate Housewife: Mrs. Potiphar
(Genesis 39:1-21)
Creative Connection
How I changed my picture of prayer
What is "Righteous Anger"?
How can I know whether I'm feeling that or just being a hothead?
A Better Fit
One size doesn't fit all or even most—or me.

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