33 Ways to Love Your Lover

MP readers share secrets for revving up romance
  1. At the movies, share the armrest.

  2. Save the last cookie or last piece of cake for your spouse.

  3. Don't hog all the Jeopardy questions on TV.
    —Jim and Candace Walters; El Cajon, California

  4. Squeeze toothpaste on your partner's toothbrush when you're doing your own.

  5. Get your spouse's pajamas out and lay them on the bed.
    —Jodie, Joel and baby Caleb Haberstock; Vernon, British Columbia

  6. Leave a favorite snack on the seat of your spouse's car.

  7. Compliment your mate in front of friends or family.

  8. Light a candle in the bedroom.
    —Michele Smither; Rochester, Michigan

  9. Put down everything to greet your spouse at the end of the day.

  10. Fill the gas tank in your mate's car—as a surprise.

  11. Light candles with dinner.
    —Julie Jones and Greg Rohde; St. Louis, Missouri

  12. Make a snack for both of you before bedtime.

  13. Turn your socks right-side out before throwing them in the hamper.
    —Betty Arthurs; Tempe, Arizona

  14. Be adventurous—meet for lunch at an ethnic restaurant you've never tried.

  15. Choose a novel, then read it out loud to each other in the evenings.

  16. Rent a movie you watched during your courtship days.
    —Donna and Ernie Siefert; Winfield, Illinois

  17. Buy an "I Love You" card and mail it to your spouse at work.

  18. Make plans to re-create your first date.

  19. When the dryer buzzes, instead of looking at your mate, volunteer to fold the clothes.
    —Wayne Goff; Kansas City, Missouri

  20. When one of you is indoors and the other outside, knock on the window and blow a kiss.

  21. Don't put away stuff your spouse might want left out.

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