The Best Sex (Survey) Ever!

Ever wondered how your sex life compares to that of other readers? Sure, you have! So read on.

The Basics

How satisfied are you with your sex life?

30% Very satisfied

33% Satisfied

15% Neutral

17% Dissatisfied

5% Very dissatisfied

* 63 percent have a good sex life!

If you're not satisfied, why?

38% Our busy schedule

62% Sexual inhibitions/dysfunction

50% Stress

38% Kids

15% Marriage troubles

13% Illness (me or spouse)

* Our sexual relationships are heavily influenced by other relationships. Only 20 percent of our readers with children living at home are "very satisfied" with their sex life, compared to 42 percent of those with no children, and 45 percent of those with kids living away from home.

How often do you have sex?

5% Once a day

33% 2 or more times a week

18% Once a week

21% 2-3 times a month

9% Once a month

7% A few times a year

7% Sex? What's that?

How satisfied are you with that frequency?

19% Very satisfied

36% Satisfied

20% Neutral

20% Dissatisfied

5% Very dissatisfied

How satisfied is your spouse with that frequency?

16% Very satisfied

38% Satisfied

17% Neutral

22% Dissatisfied

7% Very dissatisfied

If you could change it?

58% Make it more frequent!

40% Don't change it

2% Less frequent

* A higher frequency of good sex seems to be good for us.

"More frequent sex in the relationship and more frequent orgasm for the female partner strongly increase emotional satisfaction and physical pleasure."—Edward O. Laumann and Robert T. Michael, authors of Sex, Love, and Health in America

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