Could I Forgive His Emotional Affair?

What do you do when you discover your husband has been seeing another woman? Read how one couple found healing for their hurting marriage

His relationship with Gloria began innocently enough. They talked easily and their friendship developed into romance. They went out of their way to see each other. He left for work early to see her at her home. At work, they flirted, stealing kisses when no one was looking. They had private lunches together. She called him at home when I was at Bible study.

During that time, I watched helplessly as our marriage crumbled and suspected something was happening with Gloria. But when I'd bring her up in conversation, he'd adamantly tear her down, saying she was stupid and ugly. Since he was so negative about her, I surmised that his indifference toward me must be his obsession with his job. I believed him and prayed for Gloria. I even asked Colin to invite her to church because I knew she didn't know Christ.

And I continued to pray for our marriage.

Then about four months into the affair, Gloria mentioned to Colin, "My friend told me I'm going to be a good stepmother!" That jarred him. Soon after, he had a dream in which our children asked him, "Why did you leave us, Daddy?" This "woke him up" and he ended the relationship. But since he worked in such close proximity to Gloria, he endured her angry glares and caustic notes—such as a post-it that read, "How can you look at yourself in the mirror?"—for another year.

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