Experiments in Hiding God's Word

Tips for making memorizing the Bible easier

One discipline I've practiced that enables me to connect with God through his Word, no matter what my schedule is like, is to memorize Scripture. It's something far easier to do than one might think. Here are some tips I've found helpful:

* Select a passage that includes several verses or even an entire chapter and print it out in large letters on several cards that you can carry with you where you go. This is easier than trying to memorize a series of different verses. If you haven't done much memorizing, start with five or six verses, but don't be afraid to add more once you see how manageable the process is.

* Work on memorizing whenever you have a free moment. You can do this while waiting in lines, sitting in the doctor's office, riding the bus, working out, and so forth. I carry my cards in the car and often use the time I spend at red lights to review what I am learning (don't try this while driving!).

* Resist any pressure to perform by not putting a timetable on when you'll finish memorizing the verses. Don't worry about how much you master or how long it takes; just be consistent in coming back to it.

I once had a goal of learning the first chapter of Ephesians and ended up memorizing the entire book over the course of a year; something I had never dreamed was possible for me. While I haven't retained it all, years later I'm still familiar with the concepts and where they can be found in the book of Ephesians.

* Memorize one verse at a time, but as you learn a new verse, practice adding on it by reciting the entire passage or chapter up to that point. This helps you retain the contextamp;mdash;a great aid in memorizing.

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