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December 2011

I Want to Grow Old With You
Right from the beginning, we took each other's futures as we planned one together.
What to Do with Toilet Seat Gifts
The joke from my husband that turned my entire perspective around
Does Alzheimer's Let Us off the Hook in Our Relationships?
Figuring out the mess of illness in the midst of God’s creative work on us
Suffering Together
Suffering Together
Allowing pain to nourish your marriage
A Christmas to Remember
Three lessons in the midst of a painful season
Goof-Proof Christmas
Tips to minimize stress and focus on what matters this Christmas
Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven
How motherhood changed my Christmas—and my songs
Is taking matters into our own hands the solution?
Sex After Kids
Sex After Kids
You might be a great parent but a lousy lover
The Twelve Prayers of Christmas
Some of the best presents don't cost a penny but last an eternity.
When We Help Others
Maybe we wouldn’t pass up as many opportunities to care for others if we had eternal repercussions in mind.
Four Minutes of Life
Four Minutes of Life
God graciously allowed us to say goodbye to our newborn baby

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June 16, 2024
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
There Is No "Safe" Jesus
The risky call to love like Christ

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