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Julie Pierce talks about what it means for women to choose, and be formed by, Christlike community.

As Directional Leader to Women at Irving Bible Church in Irving, Texas, Julie Pierce wants all women to experience encouragement through Christlike community. Whether through small group Bible studies or serving one another and the global community, her goal is to drive deeper connections among women. Why? She's experienced the power of Christlike community in her own ongoing spiritual transformation. Kyria asked her to tell us more about the importance of this discipline.

What does healthy Christlike community look like?

It consists of truth-telling, listening, improving each other, learning from others, and helping each other out of the pit. We celebrate milestones together and say, "You're a different person today than you were a year ago."

How does the discipline of building community connect to our spiritual formation?

Sometimes you may not be able to see what God is doing in your life, but others can say, "Look, this is the hand of God." They can help you see your own growth.

It's also beautiful to pray with others and hear what comes out of their hearts. We carry one another this way. That can't happen in isolation.

So healthy community enhances our understanding of God?

Absolutely. God created us to be in community because he's constantly in community in the Trinity. And in community, we learn that he loves us relentlessly and forgives greatly. I see those attributes of God played out, imperfectly, in those around me with whom I've chosen to go deeper.

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Community; Relationships; Spiritual Friendships; Spiritual Growth
Today's Christian Woman, July/August , 2011
Posted July 1, 2011

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