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Running Mates

Are your friends holding you back?

Imagine yourself kneeling at the blocks, ready to start a relay race. Who's in this relay with you? Who's going to get the baton on your second and third legs? Who's your anchor?

For me it's been many of the wrong people.

I'm in a race against a swift and powerful opponent who knows my weaknesses and strengths, and who knows my running mates aren't ready.

The second-leg person isn't in proper shape for a race of this magnitude—her faith weakens every time she hits a hurdle.

Beaten down by life and marital struggles, my third leg gossips and criticizes to get by. She's not even ready for a jog in the park.

My anchor is rooted in the Word, but the Word isn't rooted in her. She's self-righteous, judgmental, and hypocritical. The enemy will catch up with her because of her conduct, attitude, and character.

My team is alarmingly unprepared for victory. So I have to blow the whistle, or I might be forced to forfeit the whole thing.

Setting Apart

Part of our journey includes separating from the people, places, or things that hold us back—anything that brings a false sense of happiness, peace, or comfort. Our enemy knows our weaknesses and wants to keep us from finishing "the race God has set before us" by surrounding us with those who will drag us down and keep us distracted, living in the past.

Do you feel drained, robbed, or stagnant around those closest to you? If so, they're forfeiting your race.

Don't throw them away with last night's garbage, but be courageous and recognize who or what is holding you back from winning the race. If you love God, you're already in the winner's circle, so build a team that will help fight the good fight—one that won't dig up the good seeds that have been planted or plunder all you've worked for. Build a team that the enemy will tremble over!

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Today's Christian Woman, July/August , 2011
Posted July 1, 2011

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