Unity in Marriage

How you can resist division in your marriage

When two people are bound together by the glory of God, their marriage will become increasingly united over time. It is a sad feature of many contemporary partnerships that the opposite seems to occur: people grow apart. There is a presumption that, as the years pass, partners will inevitably grow weary of each other and be pushed in opposite directions by diverging interests. The perception, while often self-fulfilling, is unfortunate. When two people take aim at the glory of God, they are consumed by something so big that it creates synergy between them, causing them to climb enthusiastically to new and more exciting vistas. They will grow together spiritually, and when two people grow together spiritually they never weary of each other.

A very short 32 years ago a beautiful young bride and a somewhat overwhelmed groom stood before family and friends and recited their sacred wedding vows. They were perfectly matched and yet—at least in the mind of the overly pensive groom—they were very different from each other. They were deeply in love, but the husband-to-be wondered whether one day they would awaken to discover that their differences were driving them apart. What if they tired of each other? What then?

The young groom did not realize that his worries were completely allayed by the words he had secretly instructed the jeweler to inscribe inside the wedding band of his bride, the very words which, remarkably and unbeknownst to him, his bride had instructed her jeweler to etch inside the ring she presented to him. Later that evening, when at last alone, the newlyweds made the startling discovery. Written inside both rings was the identical prayer: "Together for God's glory!"

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