Danger: Being Too "Nice" Can Wreck You & Your Relationships

How to respond when being a good Christian girl goes bad

It sounds like a plot from a bad soap opera: there's the crazy ex-boyfriend who won't move on, and the nice girl he claims he can't live without. The phone calls I received over the course of the past six months didn't concern a television show, however—they were reports from my family, and the girl was my younger sister, Lucy.

"Evan called six times today."

"Evan was admitted to the hospital."

"Lucy had to get a new cell phone number."

"Evan tried to corner her at work."

"Evan snuck into the house last night."

The experience was many different kinds of awful. Lucy and Evan's relationship escalated from rocky to unsettling to alarming as Evan pursued increasingly dramatic courses of action to win Lucy back: relentless phone calls, incoherent and cruel emails, a suicide attempt, and outright stalking, all culminating in a Notice of Criminal Trespass from our family that legally barred Evan from attempting any further contact with Lucy or her relations.

Throughout the ordeal, our family struggled to determine how best to handle this complicated situation. As Evan's words and actions grew more and more irrational, Lucy felt increasingly trapped, caught between her desire to exit a bad relationship and her sense of responsibility toward a lost soul. Every time she moved to end the relationship for good, he would make her feel guilty for abandoning him.

"Love is sacrifice," Evan would insist to Lucy. "You aren't loving me like God calls you to."

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