4 Life-Changing Principles for Every Single Christian

How to thrive on your own this holiday season
4 Life-Changing Principles for Every Single Christian

I need to be honest with you.

I wrote a book about singleness, but I still feel like I know very little about being single.

Writing down principles on paper is easy. Living out the truth is a whole other ball game: I still have sexual urges that remain unfulfilled, I still hate waiting, and I still have no idea what to do with the holiday season: the mistletoe, the romantic music, the gifts, the family gatherings, the chestnuts roasting on an open fireplace, and the syrupy Hallmark movies.

The desire to be known and loved is a natural and God-given desire that can only be fulfilled with the love of God's Son, Jesus Christ. Ask any married woman: while marriage may give you temporary happiness, it does not meet your deepest needs. That privilege is reserved for Jesus Christ.

The struggle with finding satisfaction in Christ alone is a lifelong battle made more difficult by the message fed to us by consumer culture. Whether it's your favorite cable station or your daily Twitter feed, the incessant message in today's culture is that true satisfaction can finally be yours if you buy this product, take that vacation, or marry that man.

Now multiply that message by 10,000, and you've placed yourself in the middle of America's holiday season.

I heard it said once that when culture contradicts Scripture, Scripture has to cut through culture. The only way to battle the lies of culture is to fight with the truth of God's word. Scripture does have the answers you've been asking. But what's even better is that Scripture gives us real live examples of people to learn from.

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