What I Find Most Attractive About Your Husband

It's the one thing I like best about a man

Or maybe someday he'll go off to work in the early morning hours, leaving a toddler cuddled up beside you when he'd rather be curled around you. He'll buy bikes for the kids when he'd rather have some new wheels of his own.

He's looked forward to coming home, hoping for some romance, only to find you frazzled and frustrated. He's waited and affirmed while you tried on countless outfits (and carried your purse), and watched a chick flick instead of hanging out with the guys. And he keeps chipping away at that honey-do list at home, when the weather is perfect for puttering around at the golf course.

He's looked away when his eyes might have lingered, and he's said no thanks to a few things he's not even mentioned to you. That ring means he is a man of character. The ring proves that he knows the meaning of keeping himself only unto you; forsaking all others is a never-ending circle for him.

Best of all, that ring signifies possession—not the kind of ownership that results in domination, but the legal contract symbolic of a spiritual covenant. You own his affections and his loyalties. You have a legal and a moral right to all the intimate moments of that special man. You own his past mistakes, his present struggles, and his future triumphs. You hold title to his honor, his reputation, and his secrets.

That ring means he has a wife who honors and respects him, makes good on her promises to him, and makes sure he never regrets that vow he made. It means you'll put the kids to bed early tonight or give up some time with the girls so you can spend some extra moments with him. It means that even if you come home to a messy house, or kids in meltdown, or enough household chores to equal a second job, you'll take a moment to take his hand. You'll caress his ring, hug his neck, kiss his lips, and whisper in his ear that you are so glad to see him and you can't wait to admire all his best features and attractive qualities—later.

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