Harmony in the Home

Tips for keeping the peace

Home. What should be a wonderful and nurturing environment, full of love and peace, is often anything but. The enemy is hell-bent on destroying marriages and pitting spouses against each other. His goal: bring ruin and destruction to as many homes as he possibly can.

Many spouses believe that if they agree on the big issues in life, everything else will fall into place. But often it's the "little" things that determine whether the home is peaceful or full of strife, a forgiving atmosphere or one of growing resentment.

Ephesians 4 is an entire chapter urging "unity in the Spirit," which includes our homes. Families grow stronger and closer when individual parts function as they should.

A basketball team doesn't win championships with a single player on the court. The same applies to our homes. During conflicts or trials, it's easy to forget that we're on the same team. But whether your "team" is two (your spouse and you) or 20-plus (think Duggar), you all have a part to play and you're all on the same team.

Having been married for nearly 24 years, I'll be the first to admit that our home hasn't always been harmonious. It took six years of a miserable marriage to finally realize that harmony in the home doesn't just happen; it requires determination and discipline. Yes, it took that long, but I'm just thankful we finally got it!

Along the course of our marriage, we've discovered some principles that have helped us build a harmonious home. Here are six:

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