Longing for a Shiny, New Marriage

Marketing messages fuel discontentment—even in relationships. How to replace envy with satisfaction.

You stare at the handsome man, whose gleaming eyes threaten to betray his happy secret. He carries the breakfast tray up the stairs and places it over the lap of his beautiful young wife, radiant as she wakes from another night of peaceful slumber.

After a passionate kiss, he lifts the silver dome from the tray and reveals . . . a set of keys! For a moment, she stares at him in beautiful shock, with love and happiness beaming from her face. She sets the tray aside, grabs her fluffy white bathrobe, runs down the stairs, and bursts through the front door to confirm her guess: A shiny new luxury car sits in the driveway, complete with a huge red bow and a ribbon wrapped all the way around it.

Meanwhile, down the street another beautiful woman is opening her Christmas gift as her sexy husband lovingly gazes on. As she lifts the lid, she's dazzled by a gift she's always dreamed of: a diamond necklace, sparkling evidence of her husband's love. As she wraps the necklace around her neck, he helps her fasten it, then seals its clasp with a gentle kiss.

And just one block over, the whole family is gathered around Mom, who opens an envelope and gasps as she pulls out a set of tickets to a much-longed-for getaway. She looks quickly at her gorgeous husband, a question in her eyes, and he assures her with a wink. "I've made all the arrangements. You deserve it."

You turn away from the TV and look at the man next to you. Maybe his mouth is hanging open, his head is resting back on the couch, tilted at an awkward angle, while he snores with abandon and a small stream of drool carves a path down his cheek. His stained T-shirt doesn't hide his belly as well as he thinks it does, and you realize you're not the only one developing wrinkles. You think back to last Christmas, when the two of you decided your gift to each other would be a new vacuum cleaner. And suddenly you want what that beautiful woman on TV had. Not the gifts, but the man. The marriage.

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Amy Simpson

Amy Simpson is the managing editor of marriage and parenting resources for Today's Christian Woman and the editor of GiftedForLeadership.com. Connect with Amy at amysimpsononline.com.

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Today's Christian Woman, November Week 3, 2013
Posted November 11, 2013

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