How to Talk to Your Daughter About Body Image and the Media

A former Victoria’s Secret model on preserving positive self-image

All women are affected by this illusion of beauty, but the girls feeling the pressure of it are getting younger every year. TV, music, magazines, and media have too large an influence in the lives of our girls, and I believe moms can do something about this to protect their daughters' hearts. Is your daughter like I was? Conformed to the world's standards of value and self-worth? I know that because I was impacted by the movies, magazines, and images around me as dramatically as I was, then the girls in school today must be influenced by it as well. As role models, sisters, moms, and friends to young girls, let's help them guard their hearts. Here are three ways to help speak truth to young girls subject to cultural influences:

1) Be a positive role model.

What young girls in your life are looking to you as an example? What about your daughters? What are they seeing? Do they see someone influenced by our culture and media? Do you dress or act a certain way because of what society says, or according to what the word of God says? Do you see that you yourself are beautiful because he says you are, or do you try to live up to what the world deems beautiful? Do you talk down about yourself because you fit into the mold of the images that are in the magazines? Do you read tabloids with your daughter? Whatever you spend your time consumed with is what she will want to consume herself with, especially if you do these things together.

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