Merely a Helper?

Rediscovering God’s intention for women

Sixty-two-year-old Nancy glances around the church she's attended for 30 years, fearful someone will realize she's not a godly matriarch, but a fraud. Who am I? she wonders. And am I too old to ask?

Rachelle is 19 and wondering, What is God's plan for me as a woman? Divorced for 6 months, 35-year-old Jodi's bank account has run dry. At least her new job challenges her to grow—but she's still wondering if she can find healing and restoration in her church. And more than anything, both women wonder: What does God think of me?

Every woman—every daughter of Eve—faces an identity crisis at some time in her life. And many of us wonder where we fit in on a regular basis. Women who follow Christ rightly believe God's Word will hold the answers. But what about those seasons in life when we don't fit the typical mold? Does God have a plan for us then? And what might the first woman he created, Eve, tell us about our true identity?

It's not easy being Eve

As women from different generations, we've assembled a list of the many roles we've played in life: daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, church leader, homemaker, writer, missionary, nurse, student, and the list goes on. Go ahead: Add your roles to the list. A woman can be and is many things to many people.

Maybe you've never thought much about why many of us—probably most of us—feel so fragmented, so not enough, so tired. Shouldn't we be happier, more fulfilled? Shouldn't we feel more competent? Why in the world is it so taxing to be a daughter of Eve?

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Acceptance and Identity; Calling; Gender; God's Design; Inspiring Women; Self-image; Stereotypes
Today's Christian Woman, April Week 2, 2014
Posted April 9, 2014

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