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I just got my first iPhone late last year. Seven years after the first iPhone was introduced. From the bag phone, to the flip phone, and now, late to the game with my iPhone 5, I am probably in the early- or late-majority on the diffusion of innovation scale, technologically speaking. My kids would probably consider me a "laggard" on this scale. It's not that I don't trust technology or can't appreciate the wow-factor of the latest gizmo or gadget. I'm just reluctant to spend my money on something that I'm not convinced I need or will improve my life. Case in point: I still don't know why we need a microwave when I can heat everything on the stove, so we don't have one.

All that said, I like my iPhone very much. I can record interviews and shoot video on the fly. I can get help navigating my way to off-site meetings. I can check my work e-mail all day every day. My phone has become a handy tool for doing business. I'm not quite to the point of sleeping with my phone (most nights), but I see why Millennials are prone to this. And I'll admit, taking selfies is just plain fun.

Author Aimee Cottle, herself a Millennial, helps sort out the differences in the way young adults use and view technology versus older adults. Key to bridging our understanding of how Millennials navigate the world compared to women like me (I'm at the tail end of the Boomers), Aimee reminds us, "I don't just 'prefer' to text or to keep notes on my phone and not on paper. I do it because that's the technology I had growing up."

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Marian Liautaud

Marian V. Liautaud is director of marketing at Aspen Group. Follow her on Twitter @marianliautaud

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