Dealing with Breakups

What to do when you need to end a relationship
Dealing with Breakups

Once you've decided you need to end a relationship, you will have some other matters to ponder and pray about. I would like to offer some advice on three important questions most people ask themselves when they have to part ways with someone who has been valuable in the past:

  • "How should I think about this situation?"

  • "What do I say when I actually bring closure to the relationship?"

  • "How do I respond to others when they ask why so-and-so and I aren't friends anymore?" This applies to business partners, ministry colleagues, and many other types of alliances.

How should I think?

I want to encourage you in two ways as you think about ending a relationship. First, be very clear about where God is leading you and why that requires the relationship to change. This understanding will give both you and the other person a clear rationale for ending a relationship, and the boldness to do it. Second, you must understand and believe that just as God brought the person with whom you are ending a relationship into your life, God will bring others into your life as well. Be patient, be prayerful, and be watchful, because he will bring you the people you need.

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