How to Connect Sexually with Your Husband

10 things men want their wives to know
How to Connect Sexually with Your Husband

Lots of men can relate to Robert Byrne's quote, "Anyone who believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach flunked geography."

We've all heard the pithy one-liners and jokes about the importance of sex to a man. While there's far more to men than just sex, and not every husband views sex in the same way, it's important for women to understand that most husbands do approach sex differently than their wives. What follows is a list of what many men wish their wives understood about them and their approach to sex. While it may not characterize your husband exactly, it can certainly provide you with new information and perspective in understanding him better.

1. Understand our sex drive.

While you may acknowledge that, in general, a woman's sex drive is lower than a man's, most women completely under-estimate how important sex is to their husbands.

The vast majority of husbands do not run around trying to sleep with every woman we see. We truly love you and are passionate about monogamy. Our fidelity matters to us, but so does sex.

Our fidelity matters to us, but so does sex.

2. We get "turned on" very quickly.

Although you get aroused very gradually and need to warm up to the idea of sex, men don't have to have much foreplay, or even forethought, to be ready for sex. This is why Gary Smalley's (Greg's dad) classic line "Sexually, men are microwave ovens and women are Crock-pots" is so true.

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