Don't Measure Up?

How to stop comparing yourself to others

God's hands made us. He knit us together when we were in our momma's tummy (Psalm 139:13). He breathed life into us. Fashioned us in his own image—in the likeness of him who calls himself Immanuel—God with us, and the great I AM. He knows how many days we'll have here on this planet. And he's got plans for us—good works for us to do as co-laborers with Christ (Ephesians 2:10). And he seeks to bless us. Yes, this God of all the glory—he aims to lavish grace on the people that he's made—to look right our way and shine.

But how often do we forget all that? It's so easy to take our eyes off our Maker and we dive right into a dangerous habit that trips us up: We begin to compare. We get out the measuring sticks and size each other up.

The familiar, discouraging, voice

I couldn't help but notice how hip they dressed. And how fit they were. And how nice their hair looked.

The other day I was with a couple of my friends. At first, I was just simply observing. I couldn't help but notice how hip they dressed. And how fit they were. And how nice their hair looked. But before long I began evaluating myself next to them and soon came that old familiar voice in my head: Um . . . you're a dweeb. You don't look like them. You don't fit in. You don't have what it takes. You don't measure up.

Thankfully, I only entertained the notion for a minute because I recognized it for the sabotaging lie that it was. I know that comparison is a thief. I'm onto its ways. Far too many times I've let it steal my joy and take away my peace.

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Contentment; Discontent; Friendship; Relationships; Self-image; Self-Worth
Today's Christian Woman, June Week 3, 2014
Posted June 18, 2014

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