Fired from Your Identity

What to do when you’re let go from your job

There are a few things you can do to work through this pain and make it to the next phase. If you haven’t recently lost your job, however, I hope this can serve as a reminder for you to “be there” for someone else who has, to invest in your network now, and to build up that six-month cushion of savings the experts recommend.

When a job is taken from us in a way that suggests we weren’t “good enough,” it’s no wonder a person would doubt her identity.

After taking time to feel your pain and maybe binge-watch a bit of Netflix, try out some of the following:

  • Steep yourself in the Word—don’t try to comfort yourself or your friends with one or two verses. Dig in deep. Consider starting with the Epistles—they talk a lot about perseverance through pain. The message you should hear from the Bible is “hang in there.”

  • Go to a park or indoor garden (nice hotel lobbies are good for this) and spend some time journaling about the events leading up to the termination: What happened, or didn’t happen, that may have given you an indication things weren’t working out?

  • Talk it over with a trusted friend or counselor. Someone who can be objective enough to help you separate out what was you and what was them. It’s rare that a poor job fit is only attributable to one side or the other. Going through this will help you to own your shortcomings and shake the feeling that it’s all your fault!

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