Balancing Grace and Truth with Your Gay Friends

Answering very practical questions

Times have changed, and yet they haven’t. While each of us are sorting through what it looks like to interact with friends, families, and co-workers who openly embrace an LGBT lifestyle, we have been interacting with sin and sinners since the day we were born.

Each day, as we look in the mirror, we see a sinner who desperately needs the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to pursue holiness. The issues represented by the LGBT people we know are different, but not so different.

This week, I interviewed Glenn Stanton, the author of Loving My LGBT Neighbor, on our Java With Juli podcast. I asked Glenn to share a few nuggets of practical wisdom from our conversation for this blog. Glenn has spent much of the past decade debating on LGBT issues on university campuses. In the process, he has gotten to know and respect men and women who are on the opposite side of the issue, many of whom themselves identify as LGBT. Glenn is a wonderful voice of wisdom on how to hold to truth without neglecting Jesus’ : “Love your neighbor as yourself.” - Juli

How do we interact with our gay or lesbian neighbors, family members, or coworkers as faithful Christians? How do we get the grace/truth balance right, as Jesus demonstrated and taught?

These important questions become easier to navigate if we remember what I call “the five great equalizers.”

1) Everyone is loved by God. No exceptions.

2) Therefore, everyone is of inestimable worth. Everyone.

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