One Way to Revive Your Marriage

Discover the power of validation.
One Way to Revive Your Marriage

There is a specific type of communication we all long for in relationships—especially in our relationship with our spouse. Early in our marriage, Greg and I became acutely aware of what happens when this form of communication is missing between us. Though we had studied it for years in others, we somehow failed to apply it in our own relationship.

Every time I shared my feelings about an experience I’d had with a friend or concerns I had about one of our children, Greg and I would end up in a major disagreement about “us.” We couldn’t figure out how this happened so consistently when the initial topic of conversation had nothing to do with our marriage. The experience left us dazed and unable to figure out what was really going on.

As a result, we began to feel unsafe sharing our hearts with each other. It didn’t take long for both of us to realize this was going to be a real problem if we desired to have a close, connected, healthy marriage.

Validation Made a Difference

Then one night something happened that put our marriage on a different course. As we laid in bed in the dark and quiet, Greg was facing the opposite direction while I was sharing a disappointing experience that I’d had with a girlfriend earlier that day. This time his response was different than ever before.

Previously, whenever I shared my feelings about an experience or relationship, Greg responded by offering either an alternative viewpoint to help me see the scenario from a different angle or a quick fix to solve the problem. But this time Greg took a completely different approach. After I shared that my girlfriend hadn’t shown up for lunch and never called to explain, Greg responded with an empathetic, “Wow, I can see why that really hurt you.”

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