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September 1996

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My Husband Struggles with Impotency Subscriber Access Only
What can I do to reassure him?
Nurturing Your Child's Uniqueness Subscriber Access Only
Ways to discover—and cultivate—your child's God-given gifts
My Husband Has Alzheimer's Subscriber Access Only
I've vowed not to become the disease's second victim
Feeling Smothered? Subscriber Access Only
If your friendship's a little too close for comfort, here's how to ease the ties that bind.
Is Your Child Getting Bullied?
Is Your Child Getting Bullied?Subscriber Access Only
Here's what you can do about it.
An Unlikely Friendship
An Unlikely Friendship Subscriber Access Only
How two women transcended race and culture to become sisters in Christ
Did I Take This Man?
Did I Take This Man? Subscriber Access Only
How my husband's hunting taught me about Christ's love
Parenting (Again) Subscriber Access Only
I thought my mothering days were over … until my son came home with his preschool children.
When Good Things Happen to Bad People
When Good Things Happen to Bad People Subscriber Access Only
Life isn't always fair … but here's what you can hold on to
Making the Most of Your Doctor Visit Subscriber Access Only
Use this checklist to get healthcare suited to you.
The Dust Rag PrayerSubscriber Access Only
God relies on us to be the tangible evidence of his love for the world.

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