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The Kyria brand (2009-2012) changed to Today's Christian Woman in 2012.
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Tempering the Tantrum

Our expert moms tell the tricks of our trade

The 'Fast Listening' Plan

Family Time with God

January: Worship Songs in the Bible

The Good, The Bad, & The Filter

Seven ways to help screen culture's impurities from your children's minds

She Thinks She's Too Fat

'A Conspicuous Family'

The Marcelos represent three races in four people—and praise God for it

Family Time with God

November: Giving Thanks

Energy to Praise!

Four ways to get your preschooler singing, dancing, and shouting for the Lord

Grieving Grandma

The Naked Truth

Authentically revealing our emotions can be a gift to others — and an honest response to God

Family Time with God

December: Angels in the Book of Luke

Creating a Keepsake

Prayerfully personalizing a Bible for your children gives them a treasure to live by

My Son's a Cyber-Spud

'Have I Ever Told You About...?'

How sharing personal stories strengthens your family ties

Volunteer Training

Get your kids to give their time

Body Wars

Culture tells our daughters they're fat, ugly, and unlovable. Here are 5 ways to defeat those lies and make your child feel as beautiful as she is.

That Stupid Love Passage Subscriber access only

Or how I learned to love 1 Corinthians 13

Playing Favorites Subscriber access only

Why has God answered others' prayers for healing, but not mine?

The Secret of a Grateful Heart Subscriber access only

The practice that released my bitterness and restored my joy.

Sheepish People Subscriber access only

Displaying 1–20 of 138 Articles
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