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September 2005

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Beth's Passion

Beth's Passion Subscriber access only

Bible study teacher Beth Moore is on fire for God. Here's how you can be, too.
The Gift of Rest

The Gift of Rest

How to embrace the blessings of the Sabbath.

Blessed Are the Piece Makers Subscriber access only

The playful atmosphere of this Colorado quilt shop draws people to crafts—and to Christ.
Potty Break

Potty Break Subscriber access only

What I really want for my 40th birthday!

Going Public Subscriber access only

9 ways to help your child survive—and thrive—in the public-school setting.

Flex Appeal Subscriber access only

10 reasons to squeeze a little strength training into your life.

My Year with Zelda Subscriber access only

Little did I know how much helping my neighbor would help me.

Prayer Pointers Subscriber access only

6 ways to squeeze prayer into your busy schedule!

No Apology Subscriber access only

How do I forgive someone who hasn't said, "I'm sorry"?

Money-minded Mother-in-Law Subscriber access only

She tells me how to spend my money. Help!

Lost in Space

Is my son's fascination with UFOs healthy?
High Hopes for High School

High Hopes for High School Subscriber access only

What you need to help your child succeed
Keepin' It Holy

Keepin' It Holy

How honoring the Sabbath helps you remember what's really important

Family Time with God

October: Behaving as Children of God

Whose Child Is That? Subscriber access only

What to do when you see your worst faults in your child

The Joys of Boys

Every day, Brent and Betty Vander Ark face challenges—and victories—in parenting their four sons and fighting the disease that affects one of them

Weight Watchers

Positively Parenting

Positively Parenting

How a coach can help you get a first-class family

Family Time with God

August: Animals in the Bible

Taking the Lead

Mock me if you must, but that little boy at the end of my leash is a gift I almost lost

A Wonder-full Job

Motherhood brings with it all kinds of questions and anxiety.Can we ever learn to find rest in God?

Our Daughter's Bewitched

Family Time with God

September: Out with the Old, in with the New

Just a Touch

Going Public

Parents have a lot of thinking to do regarding education. Here's how one family followed God to school.

Creating Refuge

How to provide security for your family in an age of terrorism and war

I Worry Too Much

How can I learn to soothe my anxieties

Set For Life

Connecting with your kids today prepares them for what's ahead

Havin' Cyber Church Subscriber access only

Is Christian fellowship via the Internet an acceptable alternative to church services?

Tongue Twisters Subscriber access only

What the Scriptures say about our use and abuse of the spoken word.

God Said What? Subscriber access only

How can you tell if someone really has heard from God?

Jesus Is Still the Answer Subscriber access only

What God revealed to me at the Pope's funeral.

Give 'Em a Break Subscriber access only

How congregations can help their pastors stay focused for the long haul.
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