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March 2006

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The Gift of DoubtSubscriber Access Only
How singer/songwriter Sara Groves's dark night of the soul led her to a better understanding of God, his kingdom, and our role in it.
Prayers That Move the Heart of God
How to cultivate a meaningful conversation with the Lord.
The Gift of a Second Chance
The Gift of a Second ChanceSubscriber Access Only
Held hostage by an alleged murderer, Ashley Smith found redemption where she least expected it.
Dance Lessons Saved My Marriage
Dance Lessons Saved My MarriageSubscriber Access Only
How my husband I rekindled our relationship
A Time to DieSubscriber Access Only
8 ways to bring comfort and hope to your dying loved one.
When Daddy Doesn't BelieveSubscriber Access Only
7 strategies for spiritually single parents
Butting HeadsSubscriber Access Only
Help! My teenaged daughter and I are always battling!
Looking for love in all the wrong places
Christian Conservationists
Christian Conservationists
The earth is not our home, so should believers actively try to preserve it?
Unsaved ParentsSubscriber Access Only
I'm worried about my elderly parents' eternal destiny. What can I do?
The 36-Year-Old Virgin
The 36-Year-Old VirginSubscriber Access Only
How abstinence champion Lakita Garth kept the faith during the long years before her wedding night—and beyond.
My Mom Is AbusiveSubscriber Access Only
I've tried praying about it, ignoring her, and striking back, but nothing has worked. What should I do?
Consider the LiliesSubscriber Access Only

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May 05, 2016
Don’t Underestimate the Power of Prayer
Don’t Underestimate the Power of Prayer
Rise up from your rut and reclaim your spiritual passion.

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