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The Kyria brand (2009-2012) changed to Today's Christian Woman in 2012.
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Charity Fatigue Subscriber access only

Every day we get more donation requests from worthy causes. How can we always give when asked, as Jesus commanded?

A New Orleans Vision Subscriber access only

As I viewed the aftermath of Katrina one year later, God sent me a picture.

Getting Over It Subscriber access only

How I learned to let go of my family's painful past.

Daughters in Darkness Subscriber access only

Psychologist Diane Langberg is shining a light on the sexual slave trade—and you can, too.

Son of God, Son of Man Subscriber access only

Prayer Partner Subscriber access only

Meet Ray Goff—an ordinary man who's probably praying for you right now.

The Jesus Stocking

One family's unique way of keeping Christ at the center of the season.

Pampering with a Purpose Subscriber access only

How hairstylists are bringing their talents—and the Truth—to people in need.
Radical Gratitude

Radical Gratitude Subscriber access only

What a dying friend taught me about being thankful "in all things."
A Backward Glance

A Backward Glance

The legendary mistake of Lot's wife and how it relates to you

Prodigal Problems Subscriber access only

Our adult daughter is pregnant out of wedlock and has no plans to marry her boyfriend. What should we do?
A Skeptic's Singleness Prayers

A Skeptic's Singleness Prayers Subscriber access only

Are we supposed to pray boldly or humbly?
The ''Ex'' Factor

The ''Ex'' Factor

4 ways to deal with a meddling former spouse

Immigration Frustration Subscriber access only

The influx of illegal immigrants is harming my community. What is a Christian response?

Also Known As... Subscriber access only

Mountain Mover

Mountain Mover Subscriber access only

Patricia Raybon, author of I Told the Mountain to Move, reveals what she learned the hard way about the power of prayer.
Donald Miller on Life as a Solo Son

Donald Miller on Life as a Solo Son

The best-selling author of Blue Like Jazz reckons with his fatherless childhood—and offers hope for single moms and their sons.

Secrets of a Supper-Swapping Mom

(and how you can be one too!)

Philip Yancey: 'God Is Already Here' Subscriber access only

In his latest book, Philip Yancey wrestles with the mysteries of prayer as only he can.
Displaying 1–20 of 75 Articles
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