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It's a Beautiful Day in the Neverhood

A small entertainment software company called The Neverhood, in Mission Viejo, California, is making a splash in the world of cutting-edge computer games ("The Neverhood") and on Saturday morning TV ("Earthworm Jim"). The young entrepreneur is artistic genius Doug TenNapel. And working alongside him as Neverhood office manager is his wife, Angie.

Super-success has made their lives a lot crazier, especially when they work 100 hours a week to complete a project. "It's great having Angie around all day, but I hate being her 'boss,'" says Doug, expressing the ups and downs of working together. "We have to make a conscious effort to spend time together [apart from work]. Life is so loud, we have to cherish the low-key times."

Angie is gladly putting some of her own career dreams on hold to help Doug's business grow. "He's definitely talented," she says, "and that extends to his art, business, relationships. He's got a gift from God, and he uses it really well."

Doug's creative talent does extend to his marriage. He put together a puppet-animated film about their engagement—sort of. In the film, an alien swoops out of the sky to interrupt Doug's tender proposal of marriage. And the Christmas before they married, he presented Angie with a 200-page sketchbook showing how they met and how much he loved her.

The TenNapels have now been married seven years. Apparently, the couple who work and play together also stay together.

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Business; Marriage; Work
Today's Christian Woman, Winter, 1997
Posted September 12, 2008

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