Me and a Red Corvette

How God used a sneaky prayer to bless my husband

Ron and I built our dreams when bell-bottom pants and disco were the norm. Captain & Tennille sang Muskrat Love as we planned our future. Ron's eyes danced in the lava lamp glow as he dreamed of owning a classic Corvette, with me riding next to him as we drove off into the sunset. 

We planned to make our dreams come true. The evidence of success would be a candy apple red Corvette on our second wedding anniversary.  

Life doesn't always work out as planned. A recession was our graduation gift and a second anniversary pregnancy replaced the Corvette. Twins sent the Corvette skidding into the future. The dream glimmered if classic cars pulled beside us at stoplights. Ron cracked the window, listened to the growl of the engine, and smiled with each rumble. Another pregnancy and Ken was born. With the hit movie Corvette Summer out in theaters, Ron dreamed of finding a wrecked Corvette to restore. Music lessons, instruments, braces, and doctor bills sent the dream speeding into the future once again.

At holidays the family kept the dream alive by giving Dad a new Corvette book. Everyone suggested that he go for a test drive. Ron refused, claiming, "If I don't drive it, temptation dies." His eyes no longer danced. Ron was lowering the window less and he found excuses to avoid the Corvette lot.

My heart broke every time I saw his dreams get a little dimmer.

"Please God," I prayed, "give Ron a Corvette." I knew it wasn't a holy, save-the-world, and bring us peace kind of prayer. But I also knew that God wants us to bring all our prayers to him. My heart yearned for God to bless Ron because of what a good and faithful husband and father Ron was.

Ron loved his family and always put our needs first. He clapped the loudest at Jamie's plays, took mounds of photos when Amie was modeling, and cried as he watched Ken receive his Masters degree.   

Ron gave everything so we could be successful. But what about Ron? We loved him too. It wasn't fair for him to give so much and lose his own dreams in the process. Although Ron tried to hide his disappointment, I knew he was slowly letting go.

One day as we passed a Corvette on the road, I turned in my seat and said, "Why not, Ron? Let's just throw caution to the wind and buy a corvette."

"No." He looked away as if searching for a reason. "The house needs painting and the children have needs."

I pointed my finger at his chest. "Now, you listen to me Mr. Jansen. You keep a tight grip on that dream. It will happen!" I had no idea how; I hoped God did. 

Debbie Jansen
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