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What I'm Learning About: Inner Beauty

What I'm Learning About: Inner Beauty

Beauty is often referred to as our outward physical appearance, but God looks at the beauty in our hearts.

In a culture where physical appearance is prioritized, we forget we were fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image. God wants to see true beauty in our hearts, not in our fleeting external appearances. Learn how to value yourself as beautiful—flaws and all.

Jonalyn Grace Fincher

During one of the last golden days of summer, I watched the sun illuminate a forest of changing aspen leaves. Each aspen glowed as a piece of God's handiwork. As I sat in the silence I didn't hear any aspen bemoan their figure or their hair or their height.

God made the trees of the fields. He also made women. Female bodies are his handiwork, beautifully and wonderfully made by the same Maker of aspen trunks and leaves (see Psalm 139:14). But if you and I stood for hours before a light that illuminated our hair, chins, breasts, waists, and legs, would we glow with joy in the light?

Wouldn't our conversation turn to self-critique of our bodies and those of our neighbors?

The impulse to pick apart my body has become a regular ...

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