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What I'm Learning About: Solitude

What I'm Learning About: Solitude

Learning to spend quiet time with God in the midst of our busy lives.

Our busy lives often leave us worn out and weary. Spending alone time with God allows him to restore us and give us energy. Here are some reasons why you should take time rest in God's presence.

JoHannah Reardon
Ginger E. Kolbaba
Ruth Haley Barton, with Ginger Kolbaba

When I started practicing silence and solitude, I lasted ten minutes, eventually twenty, then a half an hour. Finally someone led me into an all-day silence and solitude retreat. I'd never experienced an all-day time of silence and solitude, so it was kind of daunting.

The morning felt similar to what I had done in the past on my own. But when it came time for lunch, we were told we were going to eat our lunch in silence. As we ate in silence in the retreat house dining room, I just fell to pieces. I started to weep and thought, What is this? What is happening here? I'm a pretty in-control kind of person. I won't usually let that kind of emotion overwhelm me.

And because we were in silence, because none of us were allowed to talk to each other, ...

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