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February 2011

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Relationships vs. Ministry Subscriber access only

I asked for somebody to love and God gave me dozens.

When Trauma Strikes Subscriber access only

How to help trauma victims reconnect with others and with God
Love Life Check-Up

Love Life Check-Up Subscriber access only

Answer these questions and then discuss them with your spouse.

A Safe Place When You've Lost a Child Subscriber access only

Nancy and David Guthrie know what it means to lose a child. Through their Respite Retreats, they offer couples the opportunity to process the grief and begin to heal.

60 Days to . . . A Submissive Spirit

Treating the Bible as Sacred Subscriber access only

Does how I care for my holy book say anything about me?

Spiritually Malnourished Subscriber access only

Is it possible to be surrounded by Christianity without actually being fed by it?
Isolation Nation

Isolation Nation Subscriber access only

Research confirms the benefits of friendship. So why are so many women lonely?

The Best Gift to Give Your Spouse Subscriber access only

How a silent retreat can renew your marriage
The Beauty of Weakness

The Beauty of Weakness Subscriber access only

Spiritual growth seldom happens on the platform of our strength.
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