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What I'm Learning About: Depression

We can't always control darkness that invades our lives, but we can control how we respond to it.

We can't always control darkness that invades our lives, but we can control how we respond to it. Here's how four women have learned to seek help and depend on God in times of darkness and despair.

Holly Vicente Robaina
Elaine Creasman

"Lord, why won't you help me?"

How often I've moaned those words. Although God has intervened repeatedly in miraculous ways in my life, at times God and his help have seemed a million miles away. This has been especially true in long-lasting struggles such as my battles with PMS, depression, and relationship problems.

In the past I viewed God's hand as closed with his help tucked away inside; I thought I just had to do the right things and then he'd open his hand to help me. As I result, I often felt ashamed when it seemed like I couldn't figure out what those "right things" were.

But over time I've realized that God's hand of help is always open. When it seems to me that his help isn't available, the problem isn't God's closed hand but rather ...

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August 2012

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Lord, Why Won't You Help Me?