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March/April, 2012

The Kyria brand (2009-2012) changed to Today's Christian Woman in 2012.

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How Do I Explain Easter to My Children?

How Do I Explain Easter to My Children? Subscriber access only

The reality of a human raised from the dead is hard enough for adults to understand, much less kids.

God's Freedom and Grace Subscriber access only

Why did an omniscient God create humankind knowing so many would reject him?
Embracing the Mystery of Salvation

Embracing the Mystery of Salvation Subscriber access only

We do a disservice to God and our faith when we try to rationalize Scripture.
Obeying the Secret Nudges

Obeying the Secret Nudges Subscriber access only

Could part of God's mysterious workings be found in his whisperings?
More Than We Know

More Than We Know Subscriber access only

Writer and speaker Frederica Mathewes-Green talks about the mysterious nature of God and our relationship and understanding of it.
Fearing God

Fearing God Subscriber access only

How do we reconcile the approachability of his love with the terror of his holiness?
Three Questions for ... Ginny Owens

Three Questions for ... Ginny Owens Subscriber access only

Thoughts on the mystery of God.

Wise Pondering Subscriber access only

To embrace the power in the mystery is to experience the presence of God.