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What I'm Learning About . . . Easter

What I'm Learning About . . . Easter

Easter is a time to celebrate new life, new beginnings, and sacrificial love, but how can we bring those seasonal lessons into our everyday lives?

From the darkness of Good Friday to the light of Resurrection Sunday, the events of Holy Week are powerful reminders of Christ's sacrificial love for us. Here's how four women have learned to bring the lessons of Easter into their everyday lives.

Amy Julia Becker

I don't know how to explain Easter to my children—Penny, 5, and William, 2. I've tried two approaches.

I've talked about it directly: "Some people killed Jesus and he died and God made him alive again."

"What does died mean?" William asked.

I tried to explain death as something that takes people away forever.

"Where is Jesus now?" Penny asked.

"Jesus is in heaven and all around us," I said.

"But where is Jesus now?"

Then Penny went to Sunday school last week, where her teachers reenacted the Passion of Jesus. I was sitting in church when, halfway through the sermon, one of the teachers brought Penny to me. She sat by my side, coloring, for the rest of the service. Her teacher later explained that when Penny had seen Jesus nailed to the cross, ...

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