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May 2012

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The Uncanny Provision of God Subscriber access only

He can move the entire created world to act on behalf of his children
Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Should We Stay or Should We Go? Subscriber access only

When one of you wants to leave your church

When God Doesn't Answer

Life's deep nails of pain have brought me closer to God—but they still hurt.

Seeking God in the Wake of Divorce Subscriber access only

Facing the unique challenges in the death of a marriage

Information Versus Emotion Subscriber access only

My spouse can't offer me what I need unless I communicate clearly

Hard Versus Bad Subscriber access only

Which Marriage Is Yours?

Am I My Brother’s Keeper? Subscriber access only

Figuring out our responsibility to care for and serve others

A Little Mother's Day Reality Subscriber access only

Despite their sticky-sweet reputation, moms are more like stew than dessert

More than Romance Subscriber access only

Can your spouse be your best friend too?

Sloth Subscriber access only

One of the "seven deadly sins" may not be what you think it is—and you may be unknowingly falling into its trap
Outreach Begins at Home

Outreach Begins at Home Subscriber access only

You don't have to travel to help your kids interact with different cultures
The Gift of Pets

The Gift of Pets Subscriber access only

Spiritual lessons God can teach us as we love and care for animals

Arguing Again Subscriber access only

In the aftermath of our argument, three words came to mind: love never fails.

Praising Earth’s Maker Subscriber access only

Long before the launch of Earth Day or modern-day debates over environmental politics, God’s people declared the truths of creation and creation care.
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